Photo and video master classes on knitting pinets of berry knitting needles

Photo and video master classes on knitting pinets of berry knitting needles


For young mothers who know how to knit andCrochet, there is nothing more pleasant than making original and beautiful booties for your baby. To discover new spectacular models, handicraftsmen agree to spend a lot of time looking at magazines and Internet sites. There you can find a huge number of different models of knitted pinets for the youngest. These are newborn shoes, knitted and crocheted. Some of them are more like children's shoes or slippers. There are also booties, similar to summer sandals. There are master classes where you will learn information about such models that mimic the shape of marshmallow or berries. The present master class with step-by-step photos and video materials just shows how to correctly connect the booties of the berry, using both the needles and the hook.

Booties of berry for newborns

Now we will knit such original booties of berry.
To perform this master class,It is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools. We need fifty grams of a soft acrylic yarn of red and green, needle number two, a hook and a needle. In addition, we need ordinary threads and beads of different sizes. To make the cuffs, you need to collect thirty-five loops (P) knitting needles. Then we knit the first 20 rows of the cuff with knitting needles 1x1.

Immediately after the cuff we begin to knit with a knitting needlesFor pinets of berries. To do this, all the loops of the series are divided into three. At the edges remain twelve units, and in the center there are eleven loops. It is from the eleven medium P that fourteen rows (P) are pinned by the needles with a pattern of facial smoothness.

After that, we knit the sides of the pinets of berries. To do this, we'll collect forty-nine P, and we knit ten rows of facial smoothness, that's the way.

Now it's up to us to knit the soles forBerets of berries, using the heel principle for this. First, we divide all P, leaving nineteen units as extreme, and eleven in the center. The central eleven units go for the formation of the sole. We begin to work with knitting needles, carrying two P along the edges in each row. We knit with knitting needles until five out of every nineteen side potholes remain.

Now it remains for us to sew the product, and gently tie the top with a hook.

The master-class is finishing with the production of leaves andFlower. For one leaf, we will collect eleven air loops. We knit a column without a crochet (st b / n) in the second air loop. Then we knit a half-column with a crochet (half a century). After this, there are two columns with a crochet (st c / n), two columns with two crochets (st c / 2n), and again two st c / n. At the end we knit a half-wool c / n, as well as three sticks b / n. The same order of knitting must be observed on the other hand. The most extreme column is combined with the first reception of the pico. To make a flower it is necessary to type nine posts b / n, and to connect them in a ring. Then we knit a b / n column, and five more st / s. As a result, you get five flower petals. Completing the master class, it is necessary to sew small beads or beads, a flower and in its center a large bead.

Video: Booties "Strawberry"

Knitting pinets called "Strawberries"

We offer you the following master class on knittingSpokes original and beautiful pinets called "Strawberries." Do not they, they are extremely sweet, and will suit a little naughty or naughty boy. Especially unusual and attractive looks the front zone, which really is like a strawberry berry.
Let's start the needlework with a set of twenty green loopsYarn. Let's leave the end of the thread about thirty centimeters (cm), to use it later for stitching pinets of berries. After the set we begin to knit with the pattern "Garter-knitting", and we will execute from sixty to eighty rows. The larger the shoe size, the more P you need to perform. After making this part, cut the green yarn, and add the bard.

Next, we knit in the scheme the first eight P, where the first,The third, fifth, sixth and eighth P are performed by facial loops (LP). Next, we knit the second, fourth and seventh P with the back loops (PIs). We repeat this procedure six times, from the first to the eighth series. At the end, we'll fasten three P schemes, from 1 to 3. Now the thread needs to be removed, leaving 50 cm for connecting the parts.

Without stitching the canvas, we'll tie ruches. To do this, we select the extreme P in the zone that is made with green threads.

In the first row after the edge P we knit one LP, we make a cape, two together LP, and so the whole row. Nakidy allow you to get holes for the laces.

In the next P from each П it is necessary to make three units, the field of which is to connect the next five P with garter stitch, and close the last P.
At this stage it is necessary to close the work in a circle, for which we sew the side part with a knitted suture.

On top of the bard half of the pinets, we sew white dots to simulate the strawberries.

We sew the booties from the bottom, using for this purpose a free green thread left in advance.

Sewing the bottom zone of pinets of berries, tighten and fasten the thread.

Then we connect the same yarn together the sole and top of the pinets of the berries.

After that, it remains to carefully pull the thread to the wrong side, and sew it there, fixing it.

Finishing the master class, we will make a cord from green yarn, and we will insert it into the holes of the top part of the pinets of the berries.

It remains to make white flowers crochet. To do this, we must connect the first chain of five air nets, and close them in a circle. Finish the air P in order to perform the ascent. Then we put the hook in the middle of the received ringlet and knit the five petals using the following technique. We make four columns with a crochet, one column b / n. So we knit until we get all the petals.

In the center of the flower we start a green lace.

Using a string of yellow, we sew a flower to the lace, and embroider the center of the flower with the same yarn.

Video lesson on knitting pinets "Yagodki"

This video will teach you how to make beautiful bootiesBerries. Beginning of needlework from the sole, for which forty-nine loops are typed. The first row we knit LP, and in the second we add loops. We add the first after the edge, then we knit 22 units, we add P again, then three LPs, another increase. At the end of the series we knit 22 facial loops. The last increase in the cases before the edgeband P. Continue to knit the sole, observing all the instructions of the video master class. Having made nine rows with additions, we pass to the implementation of the patent rubber, which will become the lateral part. We will tie twelve rows with this pattern, and the thirteenth P perform facial P, making a decrease. In the fourteenth P only LPs are knit, and it is the last in the side wall of the boletus bootee. The fifteenth P is divided into two spokes, equally, and we begin to carry the top of the booty of the berry with green yarn. Complete the preparation of the pins, carefully following all the actions of the lesson.

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