Photo and video master class knitting crocheted shoes

Photo and video master class knitting crocheted shoes


Slippers for home - a very necessary elementClothes for home. Experience for their manufacture is not required, so almost any skilled worker can connect them. The best tool for this will be knitting needles.

Footprints of the shoe: beauty in simplicity

The footprints can be knitted from different threads to make them more interesting, or embroidered with embroidery.

We type on needles 42p. We begin to knit a handkerchief pattern - only 8p. The diagram of this picture is simple - all the way. Tie the face in all rows.
We divide knitting by 20p in the middle and 11 byEdges. You can set the dividing strings, note the splitting of the canvas into parts. We sew loops in the middle with a contrasting thread. You can add any pattern - choose any pattern and knit it on the hinges of the middle part.
Measure the length of your leg from the little finger toThe beginning of lifting of a leg or foot. That's how much you need to run rows of 20p. After that you can put aside the contrasting thread. At the edges of the resulting fabric we type loops. It is best to use circular knitting needles for this purpose. We perform a toe with the use of partial knitting. The essence of it is that until the end of each row is not added to 2 n. Finish the toe, when the spokes will be 4 sts after that knit all the loops at once.
When it will be tied 20r., It is the turn of the sole. Continue knitting on the side, and on the middle - a partial scheme. We finish the work when there are no lateral loops left. But the averages will be required for us to perform the heel of the footprint. Now it remains only to assemble the hinges in a circle and the shoes of the shoe are ready.

Seams with a pattern of "Christmas tree"

We type 17p. We use threads of the main color. On our photo - white. 1Р .: 8 un, 1 нк, 1 лп, 1 нк, 8 ип. The remaining odd rows: 8 ips, 1 nk, LP, 1 nk, 8 last PI. We finish the first part of the work when the needles are 33p.

The second color To make the stitches moreBeautiful, we will execute them in different colors. In places of transition from a yarn of one color on another, cross threads, that holes were not formed. 1Р .: 8 ип цвет2, цвет1 - 8ЛП, 1 нк, 1 лп, 1 нк, 8ЛП, цвет2 - 8 ип.
Continue in accordance with the IP scheme until the totalThe number of loops will not reach 49 pcs. That is, from each side of the canvas was added to 8n (16p in total). Now the color 2 matches 16p. For the middle we use a thread of color1 (main). We reach the number 65p on the spokes. At this stage of the crochet knitting, the total number of loops is 81, there are 24 of them in color2.

Soles We divide knitting in colors. You should get 32p (color2), 17p (color 1), 32p (color2). The turn of the sole came. We perform it as follows: 17p of the middle part is knitted with the main color. To connect the sole with the sides of the shoe, do the following: after reaching the edge of the row, we sew the last loop together and the 1n from the side knitting needle. Gradually the lateral parts will decrease, and the sole will become the size of the leg. We finish knitting, as soon as the loops on the sides end. At the extremes of the length we again take the loop and go to the heel.
Heel Again, we divide everything that was typed into spokes into 3 parts and repeat the procedure, combining all the loops. We pass to 4 spokes and we untype the top of the footprint.

Video: We knit tracks with a pattern of leaves

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