Picot crochet. Picot pattern

Picot crochet. Picot pattern

Today, we will look at how to knit one ofthe simplest, but at the same time, one of the most commonly used strapping patterns is the “picot” pattern, also called the “pique”. It is very easy to perform pico crochet, but here again there is one very interesting subtlety. Well, how to knit pico crochet with this very nuance, we now we will consider! So, let's say we already have some kind of canvas that we tie and need to do pico crochet. 1. Here we need to make picot crochet 2. For this we do three 3 And now the nuance! In order to make it beautifully, we finally hook up the eyelets of the base, weaving the hook first into the loop from which the air loops come up and then we pick up the upper thread of the post itself, grabbing the working thread with a hook 4. We draw the working thread through all the loops on the hook, thus completing the picot pattern is ready 5. With the help of pico, you can decorate such a seemingly usual fan pattern and give it a zest and unique look? Examples of using the pico pattern can be viewed.here: - " "; - "". Be always up to date! Be the first to learn about new lessons! Subscription: “Crochet patterns and motifs” Your e-mail address: * Your name: * Share in the social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

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  • Anastasia: Hello!
  • Anastasia: I didn’t really understand what is the “upper thread of the column itself” in paragraph 3 of the description! Thank you in advance!
  • : This is a thread that came out from the top after doing the column, but not the top! In more detail picot considered in a lesson:
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