Pictures from tapes: lessons of creating chic panels (photo)

Pictures from tapes: lessons of creating chic panels (photo)


Based on Kansas technique from satin tapesYou can make not only spectacular decorations with your own hands, but also exquisite paintings and panels. Basically, such canvases consist of a variety of colors. The most popular are of course roses. Looking at such work, it seems that we seem to draw with ribbons.

How to make a picture of satin ribbons

Drawing tapes - so you can say about creatingSuch pictures. This master class will serve as a guide to action for beginners. On its basis, it is easy to understand how such works are done by their own hands.
Since this picture will consist of flowers,Namely from roses, it is necessary, first of all, to prepare for them petals in three different sizes. For this, the satin ribbon of the appropriate shade is taken and from it squares five by five centimeters are cut out. Dimensions of petals you can vary at your own discretion. For example, for one rose, you can make four narrow lobes, five - medium size and ten - wide. The height of each such piece must be the same.
With themselves, the petals are cut out obliquely. The edges of all the elements must be melted, using a candle or a lighter for this purpose. For beginners, this will be done from the first time is not quite easy, so you should first practice and fill your hand. In the course of the work, you will gradually understand how this process is going on and how the necessary shape is given to the petals, as in the photo.

To make leaves for flowers, you canUse organza, as well as silk ribbons of four different shades. Use in the work different shades of green satin ribbon. So your picture will have a more lively appearance. Such a ton of variety will bring interesting spillovers to the picture. You can use the three colors of the tape. This master class uses four tones - two of silk and two more of organza.
In order to bind the branches of leaves use glue. To glue roses, hot glue will be more suitable.

Continue the master class and draw the ribbons further. Roses are made according to the following scheme: first we form the core, which consists of narrow lobes, after which, we fix the following averages and after them remaining wide ones. You can make a rose at your own discretion, placing the petals in random order. Look how these stunning flowers look in nature or on the photo and make an original rose with your own hands.

Next, you need to prepare a stretcher and pull on it contrast material. For example, this master class uses dark colors for these silks.
At the final stage, it is necessary to fix the flowers and leaves on the prepared canvas. Use for this purpose hot glue from a special gun.

In the end, you get a wonderful picture of satin ribbons, as in the photo. Such a product is great for the interior of your house or it will be an original gift for loved ones.

Panno with roses

Another master class will show you the stages of creating with your own hands a wonderful panel with magnificent roses, which is suitable for a classic interior.
To create such a nice panel, prepare:

  • The frame-hoop;
  • The material on which roses will be placed;
  • Satin or silk ribbons;
  • Needle;
  • Threads;
  • Glue;
  • Cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Decorative tape (can be replaced with a golden cord), to create the edging of the bowl;
  • Pins.

Begins a master class for beginners with the creation of roses from satin ribbons. In total for a panel you need seven such elements.
Further, it is necessary to fix the material thatIt is taken as the basis for the frame. The frame itself can be put on a pillow and using pins in succession, one by one to attach roses and leaves to the material.
Sew all the created flowers and leaves you canIn any order, since it will be convenient for you. This way you will get your own original product. The first, the canvas fixes the leaves, and then go on to fixing the flowers of roses. The last is a vase. For her, take a square template, made on the basis of cardboard and wrap it with selected material. Also the vase can be decorated with a beautiful ribbon or golden cord. At the final stage, glue the vase under the roses. Thus, you will get a wonderful panel that is suitable for the interior of the living room or children's room.

After examining all the stages of creating a picture of the ribbons with your own hands, we will consider how its main elements are created.
We draw flowers with ribbons. For creating
, Take the tape fifty millimeters and makeOf which lengths of 10.5 centimeters in the number of eight pieces, and 11.5 centimeters - nine pieces. Vary this amount at your own discretion. It all depends on how much lush flower you want to get. The boundaries of the ribbons must be melted with a lighter or matches. After making the necessary number of segments, we move to folding the bud.
Making a bud begins with what you needIt will be necessary to fold the right edge of the tape and fix it with a pin. How to do it correctly can be viewed in the photo. Next, you need to bend these edges one more time and fix it with a thread in several additions.

The next step is to bendThe upper border of the ribbon and fold the bud. Fix the resulting part with a thread. As a result, we learn a bud for a rose, as in the photo. Next draw ribbons of petals. To do this, take the top and bend it by 0.7 centimeters and pin it with a pin. Next, the corner of the satin ribbon is tucked in and also pinned with a pin. With the second corner we do the same actions. Then we take the thread in several additions and we draw the bottom edge. After that, the notch is tightened.
Before sewing the second petal, you need to pin it on the pin to the bud. This will help to avoid its displacement. The border of the petal turns around the bud and is fixed with threads along the bottom part.
After the second petal create the next - the third in the account and fix it on the pin to the bud and then it should be sewn.
All other petals are made based onSimilar scheme of action. To make your rose look natural, use a few shades of tape in your work. For example, the petals inside the rose are made of a darker material. Ready-made buds can be additionally codified, using beads for this. It will only sew the leaves of the green ribbon and the rose will be made.

Now, let's look at how leaves are created forPanel. Prepare ribbons, threads, needles, lighter, scissors, ruler, and a simple pencil for work. If possible, you can also use the nitkovdevatelem.

Leaves are also better done from satin ribbonsDifferent tones and with different widths. They can be not only satin, but also kapron or organza. Choose any material you like. Try each of the above materials and choose a more convenient option for you.
The leaves of the roses will make a pointed shape withAssemblies. For this, it is necessary to take a ribbon, the width of which is equal to five centimeters. Next, you need to take a ruler, measure eleven centimeters and cut them off. To avoid shedding the band edges, they must be scorched. Help you to make it a lighter, or a candle. Simply we melt the edges over the tribe.

The resulting segment is doubled, soSo that you can determine its center. Next, we make the bending of the edges from the center to the bottom. On the underside, a line is laid. Please note that when laying a stitch, you must grab all the tape layers with a needle.
Having laid a line, it must be pulled off. Tighten sufficiently tight thread, wrap it with the base of the sheet and fix it.
Having made all necessary preparations in this way, proceed to fixing the colors on the panel. For a classic interior, this picture will do the trick.

We have considered several options onWhich are based on their own hands are made wonderful pictures in the technique of Kansas and panels. For these products were used by all the favorite roses in the Kansas technique. In addition, there are many more
, With which it is possible to decorate similar works. Working with such paintings, we seem to draw with ribbons. Choose the appropriate master class for beginners, which is on our website, look for new ideas and create wonderful pictures in an interesting style for any interior.

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