Circular knitting needles and knitting on them in photo-video master-classes

Circular knitting needles and knitting on them in photo-video master-classes


As a brush for the artist, and knitting needles forKnitters are the main tool for creativity. Without this simple device, it's impossible to create a real masterpiece, and as a conductor without sticks, you can not make the orchestra play a beautiful crocheted symphony.
The choice of tools for needlework should be approached responsibly. Any beginner master must be able to understand the numbers, types and methods of using various knitting devices.

There are straight and circular spokes:

  • Direct. Tools from a variety of materials having either both pointed ends, or one sharp, the other with a limiter. Used for knitting individual parts of the product, which are then sewn together. The process of work is carried out in the direct and reverse knitting of rows of flat cloth;
  • Circular. A tool with two solid parts made of different materials, and a thin binder yarn in the form of a line between the working tips. Such spokes are allowed to knit the canvas in a circle, creating a seamless seamless pattern.

More about circular knitting needles

Circular knitting needles have a number of advantages that greatly facilitate the process of work:

  • They are indispensable for knitting patterns without seams, for example, hats, skirts, collars, socks, fashionable snacks, etc .;
  • Allow you to change the direction of knitting without additional effort;

  • On circular knitting needles it is convenient to knit bulky things, the weight of the canvas focuses on the soft line, sags and lies on the knees, hands do not get tired;
  • You can easily tie up the wide details of the model, those that do not fit on straight spokes;
  • Circular knitting needles have a flexible cable that can be removable and change its length, there can also be spare working tips of different sizes;
  • Thanks to the softness of the rope on these spokes, it is convenient to knit in a close chair, in the subway, in the bus, the working cloth and tools are easily placed in the bag;
  • Circular knitting needles are universal, they can be associated with any part and the whole product, they are indispensable in the work and will be useful to any beginner needlewoman.

Starting to knit any model, you must stock up with different tools in advance, learn the instructions, patterns, and choose the working knitting needles for the length and diameter.
Advice! It is advisable to lower the line of new spokes for a few minutes in hot water, then it will not complicate the work and twist while knitting.

Secrets of mastery in visual master classes

Any work begins with a set of loops. If this is a new part that does not begin with any foundation, then the set must be made on straight spokes. Then gently, without losing a single loop, to transfer to circular, the numbers of both spokes should coincide.

Important! When carrying, do not turn or twist the hinges!
All the loops focus on the line. In the right hand is placed the end of the spoke, on which the transfer of the last loop was made, and to the left - the second end with the beginning of the set. The orientation of the correct position is shown in the photo, this is the thread of the beginning of knitting, it should be on the right knitting needle.

To track the tied rows, the lastLoop should be put a label in the form of a string of contrasting color, or a special plastic marker. Next, knitting in a circle to the mark. The series ends, it is translated to another spoke, as in the photo, and the work continues.

Video master class review of circular knitting needles

To fix all the material, let'sConsider a video with useful tips and a detailed master class, how to type loops on the circular knitting needles, carefully close the row and begin to knit the future with a seamless cloth.

Circular knitting is great for making hats, snacks, fashionable pipes, the seamless product looks neat and eliminates the separation of the front and back of the model.
Patterns perfectly fit into circular knitting, video of the master class of a young, but already experienced masters will teach how to make a beautiful warm snug patterned "braided".

Video: Circular Knitting Knitting

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