Piglets and pig Peppa with knitting needles: tips for beginner needleworkers / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Piglets and pig Peppa with knitting needles: tips for beginner needleworkers / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Lovely pigs, knitted or crocheted,become a favorite toy of even the most fastidious child. Even if you do not have many years of experience in making knitted toys, using a detailed master class, you can create a real masterpiece with your own hands. However, before starting knitting, you must choose the right yarn and tools, find a simple and understandable scheme.

Useful Tips for Choosing a Thread

Make pig Peppa needlewomen can from anyyarn - this is suitable for wool with the addition of synthetic fibers (for example, acrylic), cotton threads, etc. Try to choose a material that will have a beautiful appearance and will be able to keep the shape. You can also connect the pigs with knitting needles from the yarn left after making large-scale products - sweaters, hats, skirts, cardigans. Be sure to pay attention to the color ratios - in addition to the usual shades of pink, you can pick up blue or red threads from which a dress or overalls will be made. Threads for the body of a pig and its clothes should have approximately the same thickness and composition. Pimp's pigs with knitting needles

We are looking for a scheme

On the Internet you can find a huge number ofmaster classes and video lessons on knitting Pig Pig's knitting needles and crochet. For beginner needlewomen, it is best to use a scheme, according to which the toy crochets, because when you produce pigs with knitting needles you will need more experience. The pig made in the amigurumi style will better keep the shape, forgive the knitter for minor shortcomings and mistakes. If you want to tie pig Peppa with knitting needles, then get ready for a long viewing of step-by-step video lessons. The fabric produced in this way will be soft and elastic. That's why you need to choose a good filler, which will make the toy volumetric and pleasant to the touch.

Selecting tools

To create the pig Peppa, in addition to quality yarn, you will need the following tools:

  • Needles corresponding to the thickness of the thread;
  • hook (for the design of small details - ears, clothes, etc.);
  • The needle and the usual threads that will be required for the assembly of the toy;
  • plastic eyes;
  • scissors.

Try to choose the needles and hook so that youit was nice and convenient to work with them. Otherwise, knitting will cause nervousness, the canvas will differ in uneven density, the appearance of the details will leave much to be desired. svinka-peppa-svoimi-rukami-15

Step-by-step process of creating piglets

Regardless of what tools you use to knit piglets, the whole process can be divided into the following stages:

  • Erosion of the trunk, legs, head. All the details can be made individually or find a scheme, according to which the mumps are knitted whole.
  • Filler filling. To make the volume fit cotton wool, sintepon, the remains of yarn and pieces of fabric.
  • Assemblage of details. At this stage, you can use both conventional threads and basic yarn. Make sure that the seams are imperceptible and not too stiff.
  • Finishing. The last thing you need to do is sew your eyes, take your ears and mouth, make a tail. For the manufacture of small elements, it is better to take a thread thinner and, accordingly, a hook of smaller diameter.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment, and then you will definitely get an interesting and beautiful pig Peppa, which will become your child's favorite toy.