Pillowcase made from shirt with own hands

Pillowcase made from shirt with own hands

If your husband's or boy's closet is full of oldshirts, T-shirts and other rarely-worn items, and you are in the mood to wield a needle and thread, then use the idea of ​​creating a cheerful pillowcase for a decorative cushion, taking an old shirt on the buttons. A pillowcase made of a shirt is a quick and easy way to dress cushions! pillow case Pillow, on which we will make a pillowcase,should put in a shirt. For the application, you can take some image, felt, colorful fabric. This is one of the easiest sewing projects. Everything will take less than an hour for everything, even if you sew with your hands. With a sewing machine, the process will be much faster! So, you will need:

  • a man's shirt on buttons;
  • something for the application (optional);
  • pins, needles, thread.

Put the buttoned up and all-turned shirt on the surface with the buttons down. master class shirt pillowcase Attach to the shirt a suitable pillowcase or the pillow itself and mark the perimeter with pins 3-4 cm more on each side. master class shirt pillowcase Cut out the received rectangle from the shirt. master-class pillowcase with a shirts Sew all four sides. Unbutton the buttons and unscrew the received pillowcase. master-class pillowcase with a shirts If you want to make an applique, cut out the shape of the desired shape from the cloth flap and sew in large stitches. master-class pillowcase with a shirts Put the pillowcase on the decorative pillow, button the buttons, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your new cute pillow! master-class pillowcase with a shirts