Pillows embroidered ribbons with floral pattern (photo)

Pillows embroidered ribbons with floral pattern (photo)


- Interesting creative process that helps you to create a finished product volume and delightful patterns. Basically, in this form of needlework, use the flower theme.
This master - class will tell you how to sew a pillow silk ribbons. The main motive will be bright, sunny sunflowers.

Materials for embroidery

Before you begin, select all the necessarymaterials: the front side, on which will embroider, rear side airbags, a needle with a wide eye, hoop, marker for tissue and photo of our pattern, referring to that, we will embroider.

The ribbons should be bright, saturated colors,to ribbons embroidered cushion immediately attracted attention. To embroider the petals choose silk or satin ribbon yellow hues to the leaves and stems of different shades of green. For the greens should be slightly wider than the flower.
The more colors to be usedwork, the more natural will look like embroidery. Since we will make a decorative pillow, which will be refined piece of furniture, it is necessary to draw beautifully on the edges to give it a finished look. For this we will use for the velvety lace fringe embroidery, which at the end of the work oboshem edge embroidered cushions. How will the finished product after work, you can see in the photo.

Process embroidery ribbons sunflower flowers

Fix the fabric in the hoop and begin to work.
Before starting an embroidery cushion we needmark the foundation to know where each piece of embroidery. This will be the embroidery scheme. To put on this basis pattern contours using evanescent marker for tissue. The outline flower and leaves paint the way they are presented in the photo. If you want to embroider sunflowers, drawing where you come up with yourself, it is important to remember that the larger fragments are always placed in the center of the embroidery, smaller at the edges. Master - class on tissue marking can be viewed on our website.

Draw a sketch drawing, proceed tothe formation of petals. They will embroider with ribbons of yellow shades. Selected color ribbon is fixed on the wrong side, using a flat knot. It is done as follows: Fold the tip of a few millimeters, pierce the middle, stretch the needle through the hole, gently pulling. We get a flat square, this bundle is fixed, any embroidery ribbons.
Withdraw the needle on the front side, measure the lengthtab by checking with the scheme. Measured off the required length, to stick closer to the top of the petal needle derive the wrong side, not pulling, making sure that the belt is not twisted. We should get an air loop districts form - curl. What should be embroidered curl you can see in the photo. If the helix will be too flat, it is possible to pick up a needle and pull the other.
Flower embroidered ribbons should lookNaturally, therefore, the stitch length can be lengthened or shortened, and flip the tape to the wrong side. These stitches to embroider the flowers swirls.

Embroidery core, leaves and stems

For embroidery core, we will use brown, you can combine different shades.

Fix the tape from the inside and a flat knotWe derive the front of the cushion. Encircles the tip of the needle tape, making two - three curl, stick to the foundation next to the exit point of the needle, forming a round ball. Stretched on the wrong side, not much tightening, and get a chubby bundle of hollow in the middle. These uzelochki fill the core of sunflowers. Master - class for the production of various types of nodules can be found on our website in the section devoted to embroidery ribbons.

Now we proceed to the embroidery of leaves. leaf embroidery is done by different options. Fix the tape to the wrong side, we conclude on the front side, twist (transplanted) a few times to get a little elongated spiral, stick to the fabric, making a straight stitch. When sewing long stitches need to be combined to the green look natural. In the same manner sewn sunflower stalks, but they are made longer and fixed to the small stitches tissue using conventional thread of the same shade. Leaves can also sew straight stitches, or using the same method of embroidery that was used in the formation of petals.
Completeness and finesse any embroideryribbons attached to the small details, so the work can be used and the usual embroidery. Using the right color floss, embroider veins on the leaves of a sunflower on its petals, heart, combining different stitches. The larger and more diverse techniques will be used in our work, the exquisite embroidery will cushion.

Video: embroider sunflowers ribbons