Plastic basket for needlework with own hands

Plastic basket for needlework with own hands

From a large plastic bottle it can turn outa handy basket for needlework. In such a basket it will be convenient to hold coils of yarn and thread, knitting needles, scissors, knitting and embroidery. Since the basket is usually a woven piece, your plastic basket with the help of colored threads will look like a wicker. handmade basket In order to make such a basket, you will need the following materials:

  • a large plastic bottle for 6 liters or a bucket from food;
  • woolen yarn of different colors and thickness;
  • good sharp scissors or knife.

Scissors or sharp knife cut off the topbottles. Wash the bottom part carefully, which you will use for the basket. Then make vertical incisions along the entire circumference of the bottle, not reaching a few centimeters to its bottom. Beforehand, it is better to mark the places of the incisions so that they are even and evenly spaced. Or, if you are not a perfectionist, chop as your heart desires. plastic hand-made basket Tie a thread for one of the notches from the backhand and start to cut it all the incisions in a checkerboard pattern. Use threads of different color and thickness to create a bright and colorful pattern. If you are not going to make an inner case for a basket - then whip the yarn to the very edges of the basket, Last rows of threads are wound on a good glue. Or sew a fabric cover and put it on the basket, as shown in the first photo.