Plastic bottle feeder: how to make?

Plastic bottle feeder: how to make?

Bird feeder for birds from a plastic bottle It is said that most birds do not freeze in winter.frost, but from lack of feed. We offer to feed our smaller feathery brothers and make for them unpretentious feeders (and then, of course, do not forget to fill them with food) from the material that is found in almost every home. The theme of our today's master class is a plastic bottle bird feeder. The choice of material does not matter. From the miniature containers will get dishes for tits and sparrows, and if the bottle is large, 5-6 liters, the quality and number of guests increases dramatically. For the production presented in the photo version, we took a bottle of 1.5 liters.

To make such a bird feeder from a plastic bottle, they took:

1.5 l plastic bottle; scissors; ruler;marker; round cap for drawing festoons for the "roof"; knitting needle; narrow adhesive plaster in a roll; acrylic paints - white and colored; a brush is thin and thick (instead of a thick brush, you can use a piece of kitchen foam sponge or artistic sponge); suspension twine; Satin wide ribbon for decoration.

Making bird feeders from plastic bottles: master class

The basis of bird feeders from plastic bottles To begin, cut out the excess. Cut off the top of the bottle. Cut the neck The bottom of the shortened to the desired height,hoping that it will "eat up" the roof a little. We made a small feeder, so we cut off quite a lot. Since the surface of the bottle is grooved, there is no horizontal line that would divide it, for an even cut it was necessary to use a ruler and a marker. Measure the height of the feeder Marker outlines the same window. One or two - at your discretion. Also cut out. Cut the window Glow the needle with a lighter or a lit gas burner, then pierce it with the holes in the top of the feeder - for suspension. We pierce the holes with a hot spoke We take adhesive plaster and glue the window around the perimeter, so that it surrounds a sharp cut. Window plastered with adhesive tape Cut paste over the plaster We return to the roof. I drew petals on it. Initially, I miscalculated, so later I had to move the festoons a little higher and cut them again. To draw festoons, I used a glue stick lid as a stencil. It was possible to draw by hand. Draw festoons Roof Bird Feeder Spare parts for bird feeders from plastic bottles for painting In principle, it remains to attach the rope anduse a plastic bottle feeder for its intended purpose. But we also decided to paint it, especially since the bulging parts on the bottle are arranged - they are in the form of Christmas trees. How to decorate the bird feeder from a plastic bottle. To begin with, we painted both parts in several layers with white acrylic paint. Three layers were enough for us to achieve the desired opacity. Cool bird feeders from plastic bottles Winter bird feeders from plastic bottles Then we paint with color acrylic paints: Blue background, green Christmas trees. I painted all the colors individually to avoid spreading and mixing paints. Fir-trees in the background were re-painted - in dark green (added a drop of black to the base green). MK bird feeder from a plastic bottle The roof was also painted blue, but a second layer was taken of dark blue. Acrylic is not very high quality, so I did not go down with an even beautiful layer, but, in my opinion, it turned out all the same not bad. Bird feeder from a plastic bottle in stages Ideas bird feeders from plastic bottles The child still insisted that we wish the bird a pleasant appetite. And scattered the stars across the clear sky. Let's add. Description of bird feeders from plastic bottles Assembling the feeder We tie the twine to the holes made by the spoke. How to make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle Then skip the loop in the bottleneck. Simple plastic bottle feeder There were holes on the threads, we laid our twine in them and managed to wrap the cover in place. However, this is not necessary. Making a bird feeder from a plastic bottle And we tie a bow. From the tape or the same twine folded or triple. Handicrafts for birds from plastic bottles The advantage of a wide ribbon is that it masks the neck well. Plastic bottle feeders: instructions Plastic bottle feeder readyand already decorates a tree in the school grounds. If you have any questions about how to make such a bird pot, welcome to ask them in the comments. Original plastic bird feeder Making bird feeders from plastic bottles Beautiful bird feeder from a plastic bottle How to decorate a plastic bottle feeder Plastic Bottle Feeder 1.5 Bird feeders from plastic bottles: photo How to make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle By the way, once we have already told,; You may also find this article helpful. Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: