Popular methods of design of a New Year's composition from masters - with their own hands

Popular methods of design of a New Year's composition from masters - with their own hands

There are many options for how we candecorate your house during the New Year holidays. The brightest and most interesting ideas accentuate our attention and allow us to enjoy the process of creating such works. New Year's composition has become popular relatively recently, but thanks to new decor features, as well as special tricks to preserve the life of flowers for long days, it has become very popular. Winter flowers also decorate such a wonderful hand-made and create an incredible contrast for those who want to enjoy their efforts. In this article, we will try to independently create such a composition, using advice and master classes from eminent masters. In order to further examine the elements of the New Year's composition, one should refer to the works of the famous florist Michael George, who used tulips, as well as a cedar to create his own interesting project. It is worth recalling the mark that you can use a replacement in the form of juniper and, of course, pine branches. Such a composition will require the availability of a certain material and a special scheme, with which we will get acquainted for the subsequent work:

  • It is required to prepare 2 bunches of flowers in an amount from 10 to 20 pieces
  • Also take a bunch of greenery for Christmas
  • The composition will require up to 50 tulips, as well as 20 branches of cedar, but it depends entirely on the place where the flowers will be filled
  • We used a vase in a ceramic form,which has a length of 26 centimeters and a width of 7 centimeters. Also, you can pick up the container in the form you need. A smaller container will require fewer colors.
  • A knife is also required to work on the material
  • Scissors required
  • A small floral foam in the form of a brick
  • Chrisal for saving flowers
  • Gun on glue

Form preparation Should cut out floralsponge, using the parameters of the capacity of the container. Then, it is necessary to take a round-shaped vase to take advantage of the pressing technique. Instead of the action of cutting the foam into the necessary dimensions, you can take more than necessary and just press in the desired area. If the form does not allow you to fix the foam in this way, you can use a glue gun that will help secure the product. Or, you can take a tape tape and tie it up carefully using a container. Then, you need to fill the foam with water in a cold and clean form. Also, you should add krisal (preservative for flowers). Water should be added until the water accumulates below the vase. Then, continue adding water until the vase becomes filled with more than a third of the four. Inserting flowers You need to insert flowers carefully using the object's circle. Then, it is necessary to remove most of the leaves with flowers, as well as spines. Further, we leave no more than two leaflets in the middle, or on the upper part of the stem. Stems must be rinsed to remove any debris. Then, cut the stems using the diagonal. In this there is a need for flowers to drink water and of course, it was more convenient to enter into the foam. Use the length for cutting tulips - not necessarily. The height regulation of such colors can occur by immersing the object in a foam. Then, you need to start placing the colors in the foam using the circle. Continue the insertion of flowers, making a grouping and arranging them so that they are evenly located throughout the foam of the product. We must not forget that between the flowers there is room for coniferous branches. Sprigs for the composition Next, use the decoration element with the help of coniferous branches. To do this, it is necessary to cut the branches in such a way that they are placed in small pieces. It also does not matter what length the object will be. The width and height of the appearance of the future composition is determined by inserting twigs and stems into the foam. Then, you need to use a knife to clean the bottom of each flower. A sharper tip will allow our flower to gently squeeze into the foam. Then, gradually fill the space inside and do not forget to track the appearance of the shape of the object. Next, you need to add a small amount of twigs to the rest of the free space of your craft. Next, we continue adding coniferous branches until it looks interesting, and the shape will be unique. So the product was made! The second version of the composition for the New Year The modern fashion world dictates new rules, even for such a traditional holiday as the New Year. Now, modern housewives decorate their homes not only with the help of traditional, traditional spruce, filled with balls. Also, the apartment can be supplemented with an interesting flower arrangement, with which, for example, it is easy to decorate the kitchen. The authors of the work come from Holland. As you know, Holland is rich in a variety of flowers, even in winter, but many winter designers support the idea of ​​creating such crafts with the help of seasonal flowers, white flowers, green. The ornament should resemble a Christmas tree, snow-covered and beautiful in its own way. Also, very often in such hand-made silvery colors are used, red and a small addition in the form of gold. But, at the same time, making your composition motley does not make sense. You can buy a composition, but it's best to make it yourself. For this, you can use different versions of white flowers: Callas, chrysanthemums, white roses, azaleas and milling, cyclamen and others. Also, you can choose varieties of cut flowers, as well as flowers from pots that can be masked with other accessories. So, let's try to make another version of the flower arrangement, based on such materials:

  • Prepare sprigs of spruce, or pine
  • You will need twigs with green leaves (mistletoe or holly)
  • It will take a candle
  • Take the lace cover and silk bands
  • Also prepare toys for the Christmas tree
  • Need beads and beads
  • Bowls for decoration

The flower arrangement is great fordecorating the New Year's table. Also it can be added to a coffee table or your composition from gifts. The product also looks great on the wall. You can fill it with flowers and hang it in the right place. Large floral compositions should be placed on the floor. In order to strengthen the cut flowers, as a rule, they use the previously mentioned floral sponge.

  • We use its basis for cutting out the composition.
  • We impregnate the product with water
  • We put the product in a special vessel or storage container
  • Branches of flowers or other products are stuck inside the sponge
  • To decorate the composition, we use candlesdecorative type. To complement the product, we need to combine these elements with decor in the form of tinsel, lace and ribbons of various kinds. Also, a natural look for the composition gives a standard set of winter composition: Christmas toys, bumps and of course, special twigs, rain. Also, some people use in the center of their flower arrangement a flowering plant variant, which is located inside the pot. A pot with a flower is put on a special decorative saucer, or a tray. Then, it is loosely wrapped with wire, and then, the wire fixes the missing elements of the composition in the form of toys, twigs, candles, bows and cones. Then, the pot and wire begin to hide behind the elements of the decoration, and the article becomes extremely natural appearance. Also very impressive looks the version of the composition, which provides for various flowers and candles that float in the water. Water is also poured into a special vase of a wide type, or in a special dish. In vodka put heads from flowers (gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums, etc.) with the stems cut off in the shortest way. Also, in the handmade pill candles are introduced. Water can be dyed with food coloring or special blue. It will look spectacular. In general, for such crafts you should use imagination to decorate your house as interestingly as possible!