Posters in the interior of an apartment and a house: the modern idea of ​​wall decoration (35 photos)

Posters in the interior of an apartment and a house: the modern idea of ​​wall decoration (35 photos)

Drawings and posters - an idea for modernthe interior of the apartment. Everyone wants to beautifully decorate the interior of their home, and this can actually be achieved using different methods. Some people buy beautiful figurines or bright carpets of interesting shapes. Another popular option to diversify home decor is to design it using a variety of posters. Posters for the interior as an element of decor

A bit about posters

The word "poster" itself comes from the English languageand translated means announcement, poster poster. Often used as an artistic decor and may have an image of actors, athletes, singers and other personalities. Also distinguish posters of marine, club, restaurant and other topics. They come in different formats, ranging from the size of a regular A4, ending with full-blown images that can be placed completely on the entire wall. Also read about.

Accommodation in a modern interior

Similarly, as with the paintings, the posters arepost according to some unspoken rules, which, according to experienced designers, it is recommended to use. On the other hand, it may be your personal rules and preferences, so nothing critical will happen in this regard. Posters complementing each other. And so, pay attention to the following points:

    • When the pictures are medium or small in size, they are best placed above an armchair or sofa. Similarly, you can use.

Old posters in the interior over the sofa

    • It happens that a room can be divided into functional zones. In this case, the poster will need to be hung approximately at the border of these zones.
    • If there is a space near the furniture, or there is no furniture at all - in such cases, large-scale images over the entire area of ​​the walls will look very nice.

Large poster with a white horse on the wall

  • It is very important to think through the lighting of the walls, as well as their texture and color. Given all these points, you can achieve the most positive result.

Rules for choosing posters for the interior

Of course, each of the apartments is decorated in its own way, andthere is no one template by which it will be possible to select posters to complement each of the interiors. In this case, you can only tell a few useful recommendations that you can use.

    • Be sure to follow the style and overall interior.houses. For example, if the apartment is decorated in the Provence style, it is best to fit here posters on the themes of nature or plants. For a hi-tech or minimalism style, something abstract and incomprehensibly interesting will do. In a word, the main idea is to harmonize beautifully with the general direction in home design.
  • Large poster with a white parrot to the style of the room

    • The area of ​​the room. First of all, we will talk about the fact that, depending on the size of the room, you need to take into account the size of the poster. The main thing is not to overload the space, because then the atmosphere in the room can become unpleasant and closed.
  • Placement of a poster to fit the room

    • Design color palette. Posters should overlap with the walls. Usually this connection is manifested in color accents. For example, if your walls are painted in calm neutral tones - a bright poster will refresh them a bit and add color. Thus, a beautiful contrast will be created that will positively affect the overall atmosphere.
  • Beautiful poster on the wall to match the color of the room

    • Location of posters. As mentioned earlier - this is also quite an important point, because depending on where exactly you place the picture, this or that effect will be created. The poster can be hung at eye level vertically or horizontally, while forming a line.
  • Placing a poster with text in a black and white spacious interior

    • Center composition. This option is more versatile and suitable for any room. In the center of the wall is laid out one common large poster from smaller parts. The result is a single pattern that attracts and focuses on itself.
  • Ship poster on the gray wall

    Poster Themes and Design Ideas

    We talked about the fact that there are many options for image themes. The most popular of them are:

      • Matching the place. For example, in the living room there is a separate area in order to gather as a whole family and watch TV. So why not try to design it for a movie theater? Alternatively, you can glue part of the wall with posters of your favorite films or actors. In addition, it will be interesting to experiment a little with the sizes and colors of the pictures.

    Poster for decorating a movie room

      • In the kitchen area, stick everything related to the theme of food or kitchen items. Large enough poster with image detailing will look rather non-standard and bewitching.

    Original posters for the walls of the kitchen

      • Posters with winged expressions. Very often, it is certain words or phrases that can motivate us to act, or energize us for the whole day. It has long been proven that if we constantly see and read them, the meaning of the sentences will be put aside in our memory and influence us accordingly. Therefore, very carefully choose posters with such instructions.

      • The theme of flowers will always remain universal both for the interior and for the type of room.
      • In the nursery, it is very popular to post posters with your favorite superheroes or cartoon characters.

    Options for the interior of the nursery using posters

    The role of the poster in interior design

    In fact, he can play a rather diverse role. It will depend on your main idea and the meaning of placement in a particular room.

      • Accent. It is logical that then the image will become an accent in the interior and will play the role of the main “spot”, which attracts attention.
      • The purpose of the discharge situation. Here, too, there is an element of distraction from the main one, and vice versa - attracting attention. In this case, the poster may be completely inconsistent with the overall color, while it is interesting to fit into the situation.

    • General style element. The main task is to complement the idea of ​​the interior by placing the appropriate poster.
    • Antique posters "no rules." This means that antique images of posters are already quite valuable in themselves, and can be found in the bedroom or in any other room.

    Indoor Posters

    So, we have reached the final moment - interestingideas and advice on how to place a poster in a room. Living Room If your living room is spacious enough and has a normal area - wide paintings with the most unpredictable abstraction or a thematic storyline are appropriate. Alternatively, you can hang posters modularly, while if you take care of the additional lighting for them, this can become a highlight of your interior. Posters in the living room interior Bedroom For bedroomit’s best to pick up posters not in bright colors. It is recommended to place them at the head of the bed, where they usually like to hang paintings, while using floral or natural themes. Original poster in the bedroom interior. Kitchen.Usually the most popular placement is in the area of ​​a corner sofa, behind which there is an empty wall. Subjects of posters may be related to food, nature or still lifes. Such design with the help of posters will not only brighten up the boring wall of the kitchen, but also will cheer up everyone who looks here. Creative idea of ​​decorating the kitchen with the poster Hallway Very often in the hallway zone you can find posters of night cities, city landscapes or park themes. The design of the hallway using posters for children. Posters of your favorite superheroes, pets and everything that will be associated with cartoons - this is the main theme of children's style. Posters for the decor of children's roomsthe main concept and purpose of the posters, we can conclude that they come in different types and ideas that should be conveyed in the overall interior design. In this case, much will depend on what sizes you choose, as well as how exactly they are hung. They are bright and colorful, or vice versa - harmoniously combined with common colors and style, while elegantly emphasizing all the details. Unusual posters in interior design Remember that for each of the roomsAn apartment or house is better suited to one or another theme of color and design. By the way, you can additionally protect your posters from mechanical influences and dirt using beautiful transparent frames. All other points will depend solely on personal wishes and creativity. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!