Flowerpots and flower pots made of shoes, bags and clothes

Flowerpots and flower pots made of shoes, bags and clothes

Another opportunity to look at everyday thingsin a new light and see their completely different purpose. Can you imagine that begonia can grow in the pockets of the old jacket, and in the worn backpack you can take the roots of a small tree? Any old things will be useful for such decorative design of plants. Original flower pots from shoes, bags, hats and even clothes will decorate not only the garden and the dacha, but also the interior of the city apartment. In order to make unusual flower pots or pots, any old shoes, unnecessary bags, caps, worn outer clothing with pockets or trousers will come in handy. Most often gardeners use shoes as containers for plants, and any, from leather shoes to rubber boots or slippers. Also often found kashpo of women's bags. But the options for pots made of clothes or hats are really rare. flower pots from shoes

Pot or flower pot?

Things can be used as a plant pot or plant plants directly in shoes or a bag. flower pots made of footwear In the first version, flowers are planted in a regular flowera pot that the loan is already inserted into the pot of the old thing, so no further action is necessary, unless you can paint or paint an old shoe, decorate the bag. flower pots made of footwear If you decide to make a flower pot, thennot every thing is suitable. After all, in addition to aesthetic function, such a flower pot should last a long time and at the same time the plant should have all the conditions for healthy growth. First of all, you need to take care of the drainage system. To do this, you can make holes in the sole in the shoes, and put the pots on a saucer or a tray to collect excess water. Leather and rubber shoes will last longer. If you want to use a tissue as a pot, for example - sneakers, bags or caps, you must always put a moisture-resistant layer inside to prevent wetting and spoilage of the fabric. Use a film or specialized breathable pockets for flowers. Again, do not forget about drainage, for example, pour a pebble layer on the bottom of the bag, and then just plant flowers in the ground. Let's see what pots and pots of old things can be.

Pots and flower pots made of shoes

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Flowerpots and flowerpots from bags

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Pots and flower pots of clothes and hats

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