Puffs for a nursery with their own hands, pattern, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Puffs for a nursery with their own hands, pattern, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Diversify the children's room and create an unusuala place for rest will help pouf, made by own hands. The shape and size of the future piece of furniture is chosen according to the age of the children. For work colorful fabrics with heroes of cartoons, bright yarn and various decorative elements (tapes, buttons, toys, applications) can be used.

Manufacturing of round pouffe with handle

The simplest version is a round pouf,consisting of several parts. You can make from a dense bright fabric, the edges of which will be decorated with a border of contrasting color. In addition to the fabric and braid for work will need:

  • compass,
  • A large sheet of paper or several glued together formats A4,
  • printed material (sintepon, foam rubber, spunbond, holofayber or any similar),
  • sewing machine,
  • thread in tone.

round pouffe with handle round pouffe with handle-2Instead of a pattern for such a puff,paper blank in the form of a circle. For this purpose, a circle of the desired diameter is drawn on the sheet and cut out along the contour. If you plan a chair with a larger diameter than the compass can do, you can use a two-pencil construction with a thread that is equal to the radius of the future pouffe. One pencil is placed in the center, while the other draws a drawing with the tension thread. round pouffe with handle-3 round pouffe with handle-4 round pouffe with handle-5With the workpiece from the fabric, 2 rounddetails - bottom and top of the chair. And also two identical rectangles of length equal to half the length of the circle are required. The width of the rectangles is chosen based on the required height of the chair. For the handle, you need to cut two smaller rectangles. Do not forget about the allowances. round pouffe with handle-6 round pouffe with handle-7From large rectangles you need to make a soliddetail by sewing them together from the wrong side. Round details are sewed on the edge of the braid. Small rectangles are stitched together from the wrong side, after which they are turned and joined by a hidden seam from the remaining side and also processed with braid. round pouffe with handle-8 round pouffe with handle-9After the preparation of the details, they are swept betweenby yourself. In the side of the long rectangular part you can sew a zipper. If it is not necessary, then this side is swept by a secret seam after filling the pouf with filler. On the side of the chair is sewn a pen. round pouffe with handle-10

Knitted pouf

Knits look cozy and at home. The difference of knitted options from the chairs proposed in the previous master class is that it is not dense fabric, but yarn in combination with a thin lining fabric. If you do not have knitting skills, then you can make such a puff from an old sweater. For this, the sleeves are hidden inside and sewn. The lower part is swept, and the neck is tied. For such a knitted bag, it is better to choose a dense sweater. crocheted pouf

Armchairs made of plastic bottles

To make a similar version of the pouf,several bottles of the same size, cardboard, adhesive tape, foam rubber and fabric for upholstery. The bottles are joined together by an adhesive tape and form the pouf frame. The shape of the future piece of furniture can be any. The upper and lower part is made of cardboard (it is desirable to take corrugated), on which is glued foam. Side parts are also softened with foam rubber. A fabric cover is put on top, which can be sewn by analogy with the first master class. armchair made of plastic bottles

We make a chair-bag

Instead of a puff, in the children's room can liveframeless armchair-bag, reminiscent of the shape of a pear. It is not difficult to sew a bag. This requires a pattern, a bright dense fabric and filler. Pear is formed from six main wedges, sewn together in order of priority, upper and lower parts. bag chairAs a filler for a pear-shaped bagit is best to use granular polystyrene. It does not cake and perfectly shows itself in operation. You can pour the granules through a hole (or zipper) left in the case with a plastic bottle, which cuts the top and bottom.

Step-by-step master class 2