Practical recommendations and advice on how to perform a perm on long hair at home.

Practical recommendations and advice on how to perform a perm on long hair at home.

How to make a perm perm of long hair, notturning to the hairdressers? Hairstyles for long hair, as you know, are very diverse. All owners of long hair should be just lucky, because they can choose absolutely any style, create any image and be, as they say, always in step with fashion. However, some representatives of the weak half of humanity with long, even smooth hair passionately want to have cute curls and envy those women who by nature have playful curls. The same, with a howling turn, can dream of smooth straight strands. Nevertheless, it is much easier to curl hair than to straighten it. Perm hair with your own hands. Photo №1 If you are tired of spending your time every day andmake a lot of effort to wind hair, of course, you have one great option - a chemical wave for long hair. The greater part of the women dreaming about a wave, will simply go to a hairdresser and will give the hair in hands of professionals. However, what to do to those girls who do not have the opportunity for any reasons to visit the beauty salon? - No problem. In this publication we will tell you how to make yourself a perm perm on long hair.

Varieties of curls on long hair

First let's figure out which onesthere are types of hair curls. Actually, in the hairdresser's art, there are such basic varieties of hair curls: - American wave; - Vertical wave; - radical wave. Under the American wave they understand the winding of hair on large enough curlers. The result is an extraordinary large wavy curls. Vertical curl involves the use of thin and long curlers, on which the strands wind up vertically in a spiral. Under radical chemistry, they mean winding hair from the roots. Such a wave is most often recommended to those who possess too thin strands. Also this option is suitable as a basis for performing various voluminous hairstyles. To make a chemical wave for herself on long hair, it is not at all necessary to seek the help of masters from the darling beauty salons. This work is quite accessible for independent execution. Familiarize yourself with simple technologies and acquire the necessary devices and chemicals. The only problem that can arise is the winding of individual strands on each bobbin, as in some parts of the head it is rather difficult to do without outside help. Perm hair with your own hands. Photo # 2

What tools will you need for a chemical drink if you do it at home?

In order to perform the chemical wax with your own hands,you, naturally, will need all the tools necessary for this. First of all, these are the plastic bobs of the size you need. To curl over the entire head, it usually takes from fifty to eighty pieces of such bobbins. In order to fix the bobbin you will need clamps. It is also advisable to purchase a peignoir and plastic comb with an elongated handle, a sponge or a brush for applying chemical reagents and fixing agents, protective gloves for hands, a special cap for warming the head. As the chemicals themselves, you will need a wax composition and fixer. Do not forget about the measuring cup and the ceramic container for stirring. Some also use a special scoop, which is necessary for rinsing the hair with lemon juice after applying and removing chemicals. An important moment before the production of any wave is to check the sensitivity of your body's skin to the chemical mixture that you intend to apply. To do this, a few drops of the mixture are applied to the wrist. If after ten minutes on the skin there is no redness, the remedy can be safely used for waving. If the skin on which the test drops were applied markedly flushed, then the chosen remedy should be replaced. Perm hair with your own hands. Picture №3

Stages of chemical waving at home with their own hands

So, in order to make yourself a "chemistry"you should perform the following actions: - wash the head with an ordinary shampoo without various additives and use other means for the head (balms, masks, etc.); - Using the tip of the comb, select a strand of hair on the occipital part, which will be equal to the width of one bobbin, the rest of the head of hair should be clamped somewhere on the head so that the hair does not interfere with winding on the bobbins; - then select a small strand each time, carefully combing, and wind on the bobbin at an angle of approximately 90 degrees rather tight, but do not break the ends, otherwise they will simply fall off; - wind, thus, the hair on the entire head; - after this, it is necessary to lubricate the skin along the line of hair growth beginning with some rather fat cream; - before applying the solution, put on a peignoir and gloves; - apply to each individual bobbin with wrapped hair around the entire circumference of the foamed chemical composition (it is necessary to start from the nape, moving to the temples and ending with the crown); - When all hair is processed by chemical composition, cover the head with a plastic cap and top with a towel. As for the time of exposure to chemicals on the head, it depends on what effect you expect and what type of your hair. If you want to get the curls most similar to the natural ones, then do not hold the chemical composition for more than 10 minutes. If you expect incredible curls, hold the hair with the reagent applied for about 30 minutes. The effect can be checked after fifteen to twenty minutes after applying the composition, just untwisting one of the bobbin. To wash off "chemistry" from a head it is necessary carefully under running water, not removing коклюшек. On them after this it is necessary to apply another fixing agent. You can also prepare it yourself. Take an ordinary shampoo, perhydrol and mix in water in a ratio of 1: 1: 7. Stir the formula thoroughly and apply on the head for about 12-15 minutes. Then, the curlers or bobbins should be removed and the fixing agent applied again for five minutes. Perm hair with your own hands. Photo №4 At the final stage, it is necessary to wash the hair againunder running water. To neutralize the remnants of chemical mixtures, rinse hair with lemon juice or water with a solution of vinegar. After that, you can use a balm that restores the hair. Note also that after applying chemical wax it is desirable to wash the head with special shampoos for damaged hair.