Preparation of the best New Year's cards for children - step by step instruction and lesson

Preparation of the best New Year's cards for children - step by step instruction and lesson

If the big snow has already come to your land, then- expect the early arrival of New Year's holidays and accordingly, a special mood these days. Our children on this holiday are extremely difficult to admire the wonders of nature and feel the spirit of the holiday, as they spend most of their time behind their gadgets, wasting time watching YouTube videos or playing games. Of course, you should also do something more useful, which will help to develop the motor skills of your fingers and raise the Christmas spirit in your home! Preparing New Year's cards is the best activity in this case. Moreover, the variety of different ideas and master classes allows even the most beginning masters to learn new ways and methods for preparing such an amazing gift of snow holidays. What does the winter turn give us in the first place? Of course, snowball! And with him and New Year's mood. The first theme of our postcard will be directly related to the snowball, or rather - with snowmen, who from this very snow and mold. But, home crafts, unfortunately, will not last for long if you make it with snow. Therefore, we will choose alternative options and make a Snowman's postcard from other materials. For this we need:

  • Cardboard in color
  • Paper in color
  • Sprigs
  • Disks of cotton wool
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors for processing

You need the whole piece of cardboard and divide it intoin half. The cardboard must be blue or blue. Then, we prepare cotton wool discs. It is necessary to make six wadded disks of different sizes. Two large, two medium and two small. To cut such wadded disks, you need to take items of the appropriate size and with a stationery knife or scissors, cut off the necessary number of identical circles. After that, the disks must be ennobled with various graphics additions. In our case it will be a paper coating. For example, any snowman is best complemented with a shape of caps, which can be cut from cardboard. Also, you can take a shiny cardboard in order for the craft to shine a little. Also, at the bottom, we'll add a bit of snow made from the same fleece. Also, you should make small scarves. To do this, we make a rectangular shape of cardboard in an amount of three pieces. We will paste one side of the cardboard horizontally on the perimeter of the neck of our wonder-snowman. The other two blanks need to be processed: Take the scissors and make a small fringe (slicing) for one of the ends of the future part of the snowman! Well, the molds are ready for us! Now we have to revive the heroes. Take a silver piece of paper and twigs in order to build handles and a broom for our snowmobiles. We cut the paper into small lines in order to build a small triangle in an inverted form. Then, glue a piece of the twig vertically to form a broom. The handles are glued to the sides. With the help of coated paper we will make asterisks. Also, cut out the paper elements of the peephole and mouth. The nose should be made in the form of a cone and secured with glue. So, our craft will become more voluminous! Such a simple idea allows us to form our own snowmen! Moreover, a variety of colors and options for crafts very much. The branch of the New Year tree The second craft is designed to also create a voluminous craft. We need the material of plain paper and some napkins, from which we will form New Year florets and toys. Thus, you will get an elegant and beautiful branch of the Christmas tree, which you can decorate in a frame and hang on the wall. Herringbone in 3D For young lovers of modern ideas should consider this option cards. Initially, it looks absolutely the same as any other craft on this topic. But, what if inside the card there will be a real New Year's magic? The idea is extremely simple: create inside the postcard a real 3D illustration of your favorite winter tree - Christmas trees.

  • Prepare a piece of cardboard for A4 size
  • Scissors for material processing
  • Let's take colored paper in dark green shades
  • Also need a colored paper of red hues
  • Hole puncher
  • Adhesive PVA
  • Figure knife

Initially, you need to take a standard sheetformat A4, to fold it into two parts. The red side of the product should go outside. Then, with the help of a figured knife, we process sharp corners to make the product more figurative. Next, use the edges of the white cardboard to also process the figure with a special knife. Then, we form an openwork pattern using an ordinary hole punch. For white cardboard you need to attach a small photo in the format you need. Also, it can be a variant of any voluminous crafts. Then, the base with the photograph is fixed on a general basis in the form of a book. On the top of the cardboard we make a hole to then run a ribbon through it. For the front of the postcard, you can also attach snowflakes from foam. They perfectly decorate this product. Another format tree Snowflake is one of the most popular symbols of the New Year and is perhaps an indispensable attribute of any New Year. Using the possibilities of paper, we have to learn how to create a real snow fairy tale to portray a snowflake in all its refinement, beauty and weightlessness. It is extremely difficult to show the harmony of snowflakes, but it is necessary to try. Especially if you take into account the fact that there is no more worthy candidate for the role!

  • Prepare a punch hole (openwork)
  • It will take two sheets of double-sided cardboard with red and white color (A4, A6)
  • Adhesive tape on both sides
  • Figured Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Photo for tab
  • Ribbon

To begin with, it is also necessary to add oura sheet on the A4 format, so that the red component of it remains outside. Then, with the help of a figured knife, we perform manipulations with the rounding of the sides. Then, using the same knife, cut the edges of the white cardboard. Abstract Christmas tree You can also prepare postcards with incredible, abstract sketches. For this case, the variant of an abstract Christmas tree is perfect. The work is extremely simple, but obviously enjoy the kids and cause a special interest in the craft. This will also require a separate material:

  • Template of a tree in glamor style
  • Pink and white cardboard on two sides
  • Knife
  • Glitter (silver)
  • Adhesive
  • Cargo (press)

Initially, we need to fold our leafletlongitudinal part, in half. Then, the front part of the postcard is folded again, into two parts. The fold line is needed to create the center of the future herringbone. Then, on the front of the postcard, a template is displayed, by stroke. The right side of the side of the branch is cut out. Then, the left one is also cut out so as not to touch the overall construction of the trunk. For the back side, white cardboard is attached to the left side of the product. Then, a small part of the branch is bent on the left side and covered with a silver luster. You can also initially apply glue and then, add glitter to fasten.