Professional interior design at home - is it necessary?

Professional interior design at home - is it necessary?

"My house is the mainstay of my family! And only I know how it should be! "- that's what everyone thinks. No one disputes this. After all, it is for you to live in this room, and it should be convenient for you in a new interior. interior of the living room mallina studio If you have developed your own interior designapartments on some resource, for example apartments / or you have seen the idea in the catalog, the Internet, the magazine, when you embody your design project, you may receive various questions:

  • What materials are used for cosmetic repairs, upholstery or draperies?
  • Where to order furniture and how to properly place it?
  • How to organically fit individual details into the interior to create integrity of perception and preserve functionality?

You'd better turn to specialists from the designstudio. As a rule, cardinal changes in the apartment occur infrequently. And the technology does not stand still, every year new building materials, fabrics, accessories, details of decor appear on the market. And who as not constantly working on interiors experts to know that with what is combined and what is not. photo of living room from mallina studio Expensive or not You think that you need to turn tofor an interior designer? Of course, for the services of a qualified specialist you have to pay. Calculate in advance how much you will lose, taking up your own interior yourself, it is impossible. Surely you felt a sense of disappointment from buying any item from those that suggested advertising or wanted very much. And then it turned out that it spoils the general appearance or simply does not fit in style, color, texture. If you are not a specialist in the field of construction and repair, then you can fight for a few days over some trifle, with which experts will manage in a matter of minutes. Or you can give up and think that the options to fix a wall, ceiling or something else simply do not exist. Of course, you can hire a repair team, but not the fact that after their departure you will be all satisfied. After all, to carry out repairs they will be based on the materials that you provide them. It is also possible that you will buy the material, but for some reason it may not be suitable or it will be bad to combine with other, equally expensive material. Or you just make the wrong calculation and buy too much. Unnecessary expenses ... interior of the mallina studio "And if I do not like the project ?!"Maybe it's worth it to be wiser and not to stuff yourself with bumps on the door standing in the open field. With this approach from the dream to its embodiment, it can take years. Refer to the interior designer! He will make a project taking into account all your wishes and preferences. Only this project will be based on a basis that takes into account the technical, material and financial basis. The specialist can quickly orient in the practical embodiment of your imagination and offer you alternative solutions. For greater persuasiveness, you can ask him to model the future design on the computer. During this period of work you can correct, express doubts and wishes - all of them will be taken into account in the development of the final project. You have come to a common opinion, now a computer program compiles estimates. Based on this document, a list of necessary purchases is made. Depending on how the contract is drawn up, you purchase materials from the list by you or the agency. It is better to order a brigade in the same agency. The person who did the project for you, certainly relied on their calculations for:

  • people with whom he worked before;
  • their technical equipment;
  • certain skills of each of them in the performance of specific tasks;
  • teamwork.

interior of children's mallina studio"I'm the best designer myself!"Yes, each of us is the creator of his own happiness. Everyone has his own vision of his own interior. Almost everyone has their favorite colors and shades. Most have the ability and taste. Many people are able to sustain a room in a single style, but not everyone can create an entire apartment without professional assistants. Nobody is going to take away from you the laurels of the creator and ideological mastermind. The idea is indeed yours. Without your desire, nothing would happen. And the fact that you turned to a specialist for help, only characterizes you, as a practical person. Let everyone do business in which he is a professional. So why, without knowing which side to approach, we begin independently, without consulting a specialist, to reshape our own, such a nice dwelling for our heart? Decide, and studio interior design Mallina.Studio You definitely will not disappoint! You will enjoy the result until you are visited by a new design idea.