The process of knitting a pullover female scheme spokes

The process of knitting a pullover female scheme spokes


This master class will tell you howtie elegant and stylish women's pullover spokes. First, we shall understand that as a pullover for women. In English the word language means that it is a certain type of clothing that is worn on top, that is, through the head. Thus, pullover, sweater is not having any fastener or collar. As usual feminine knitted pullover is connected machine or manually. Cut in this type of women's clothing often has the shape of the English letter V. The history of women's pullover is rooted in the distant nineteenth century, when with the cut model has been in vogue only in males. The bulk of these were athletes who appreciate the convenience and practicality of a pullover. In the early twentieth century spread model not only athletes, but also for other men. During this time the fashion designer Coco Chanel introduced a pullover at fashion shows this from the men, and to establish a presence in the women's locker room.

Since pullover ceased to be a purely sportsthing, and it became the most familiar everyday clothing for women. Today, these comfortable sweater with V-neck present in the wardrobes of fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. In this lesson we will look at women's knitting needles pullover, as well as employees and the detailed description. The emphasis we make on how to knit pullover spokes for women.

Knit Pullover free

Consider knitting a pullover for a very fashionablefreeform women. For needlework need five hundred grams of yarn of medium thickness, where mixed cotton and viscose, number six spokes and circular needles number six. The density of knitting in the sixth issue of the spokes should reach eighteen hinges horizontally and the twenty-four rows (P) vertically in a square the size of ten by ten centimeters. Women's pullover fit two patterns. One of them is a common facial surface, where facial loop (LP) are present in the facial P. Only purl loops are executed in backstitches P (SP). The second pattern of free female pullover, this gum with alternating front and SP. Free needles for women pullover knit start from the back.
To fulfill the set back on needles seventythree hinges (P). Then you need to tie a rubber band 1x1 ten centimeters. After gum go to the front surface of knitting. In carrying out this basic pattern we will do one nakida (H) on the left and right of the middle P. Provyazyvaya purl rows nakida performed as SP. This leads to expansion of the back of the product. Dovyazav female pullover to armhole, which start to perform at a height of forty-two centimeters, continue to make the same additions, but at the same time begin to execute decorative ubavki from the left and right edges. To do this, from the right edge after edge P do broach and from the left edge of the knit two together before P edge.

Dovyazav back up to 47cm, start making a V-shapedvykat pullover. To do this, the average P put on the additional pin, and then continue to knit the two halves separately. To form the recess at the left side, through a series of reduce loop, that is fourteen per unit time. The rest of the main pattern knit fabric. Dovyazav to 62cm, all P left on needle, then bind symmetrically right mate. The front of the pullover is executed in the same way as the rest.
To build products sew it on the shoulder seams withinside out. Next, we raise P mouth, gum and knit on circular needles. To obtain the desired cut-out shape of the neck at the back and front of the pullover, to do fine ubavki in the center. To do this, remove the R in front of the middle, then the average P knit as the LP. In conclusion, it is necessary to carry out this last through the P removed. Such actions are carried out in each round. Associate gum three centimeters, and then close all n. For knitting the sleeves string on the spokes on the edge of the eighty-two P, and four associate cm rubber band around. At the conclusion of closing P sleeves and sew the sides of the product. At this stage, a pullover for women can be considered ready.

Knit Pullover with delicate leaves

Prepare for Openwork sweater (size 46)Two hundred grams of acrylic yarn, knitting needles number two, direct and circular, as well as a spare needle or pin. This openwork pullover knit with needles is best bright color, red or orange.
The handicrafts are two patterns. One of them is a simple rubber band, where you turn right and wrong knit loop. Next pattern "leves" is openwork, and is performed according to the description of the scheme, you will see below.
In this scheme, there are only facialseries. In even backstitches P all but nakida loop performed by drawing and nakida tally SP. Getting started with the first through the twentieth P, and then repeat several times from the thirteenth to the twentieth. The pattern "Openwork track" carry on the second scheme, and repeat from the first to the fourth row.

To perform a back set hundred thirteen P, andassociate twelve R. gum after gum knit rows in the following manner. The first bead, then the two PI five repeats the pattern of Scheme 1, then two hinges and two additional SP. That is knit following one hundred fifty six P unchanged. Dovyazav to one hundred and sixty ninth P must be all closed. After a back knit in front, which differs only in the throat cut. Therefore, one hundred forty-five P necessary to close the central unit of twenty-three. Then we finish each half separately. To obtain the curve, two P close to the inner side of the canvas, and then through a series of three times close two units. Dovyazyvaem one hundred sixty eight P, and the next P closing on the thirty-seven P shoulder. After this, sew seams on the shoulders.
To link sleeve recruit for armholeeighty-three loops, and place them in such a way. After the first edge P SP should be six repeats of a pattern "Track", the first pattern P nineteen and six repeats tracks. Complete range of necessary IP and edge loop. To narrow down the number of the sleeve, in the twelfth P reduce the number. To each side of this one cuttable P, then P in every sixth subtract thirteen times by one loop. Dovyazav to ninety-two P, proceed to the gum and knit elastic twelve R. Closing P perform a hundred fifth row. Putting the product, sew the sleeves and sides. In conclusion, the work shall find one hundred and fourteen P on the neck and knit six P band. After gum finish knitting, fabric covering.

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