We make our own hands of satin ribbons, lush and neat bows for hair

We make our own hands of satin ribbons, lush and neat bows for hair

Hair decorations from ribbons always look verybeautiful and interesting. Such accessories will be an excellent gift for a small fashionista. In addition, you can do it yourself, it's very easy and it does not take much time and tools. To make cute lush gum for hair, you need:

  • about four meters of a satin ribbon with a width of 2.5 centimeters (from such a quantity of ribbon, a pair of rubber bands will be produced)
  • thread and needle
  • felt base
  • elastic
  • decorative means
  • glue gun.

We make our own hands from satin ribbons, lush and neat bows for hair. Photo №1 The manufacture of bows will begin with the fact that we cut off a piece of tape about two meters long. Now we begin to sew the tape with a suturing seam, folding it in half. Do not forget to fix one edge with a knot. When the entire ribbon is sewn, begin to carefully draw the thread to get a piece with a band of ribbon about 25 centimeters. The edge is also fixed with a knot. Now take our tape and start forming fromher small ball, wrapping it in a spiral and fixing from below with a glue gun. You can do this and threads, but glue is much faster and more convenient. When the ball is formed, take the base of felt and with the help of glue we fix on it our tape. Now take the hair band and glue it to the felt base. Next, cut a small piece of tape, we will melt the edges and glue it over the rubber bands to fix it more securely. The bow itself can be decorated with a decorative center. Glue it better on a transparent universal glue, since a hot leu can damage it a little and not so securely fix it. Our rubber bands with lush bows are ready. Such bows will look great on children's tails. In addition, they can be placed on a barrette or rim. The main thing is that even a beginner in needlework will be able to make such bows.