Program for creating schemes for cross-stitching (photo)

Program for creating schemes for cross-stitching (photo)


Each embroiderer sometimes wants to create his own,An individual work of art, for example, to embroider a portrait of a loved one or to transfer to a canvas a beautiful photo of nature and to embroider it with beads. To do this, you need to create a pattern of embroidery and only then embroider a portrait. Each embroiderer can develop their own scheme, but it is necessary to do it correctly, so that the result is a real work of art. Therefore, on the Internet you can find a large number of programs that help to develop a pattern of embroidery with a cross or beads, based on any photo entered into it. The most convenient and easy one is the "Cross" program, it will be discussed below. Such programs can be downloaded from torrents or from official developer sites.

The "Cross" program

One of the simplest versions for translationPictures and photos in the scheme for embroidery. The interface is completely in Russian, as it was developed by Russian developers. In the menu you can find detailed help on working with it, all the features of this program are explained step by step. It is very easy to work with it, since it is a kind of circuit generator, very simple, so even a novice needlewoman can work with such a program.
How does the "Cross" program work? First you need to upload to your computer the picture or photo you want to embroider. Running the program for cross-stitching, load the desired image file into it, and it appears in the interface. Then, you need to press the image processing button and before you appear two pictures: on the left there will be the original photo, on the right the photo of the embroidery, what it will be after the end of work.

If something does not suit you, then the imageCan be further processed until you get the result you need. The finished image of the embroidery pattern can be saved as a file on the computer or printed directly on a color printer. In addition to the image itself, the program will calculate the size of the embroidery, the number of colors for embroidery and the number of the floss, depending on your preferences. It works with both domestic and foreign manufacturers of embroidery floss (Madeira, DMS, Anchor, Gamma, mulina Kirov plant). It also contains a thread translation table. Download the program "Cross" can be from the official website of developers or from various sites offering programs for embroidery.

Embroidery program "Embroider with My Jain"

The program "Embroider with MyJane" Another RussianProgram for creating individual patterns for embroidery. This author's development, its creator Kotelevsky IA, so you can download only a trial, trial version. To use all the functions of this program for embroidery, you need to write it to the author for mail, the address of which can be found on the Internet. The cost of the program is also negotiated with the author - developer. The program is designed to create charts with ready-made photos. It can be portraits, collective photos, photos of pets. In it there is an opportunity to create original schemes themselves, and not automatically translate photos into them. The resulting images can be converted into graphic files of different formats. Of the additional features is the ability to manually edit the scheme, copy parts of the embroidery in other schemes, convert colors. Visual analysis of ready-made schemes has many possibilities, the color palette can be shortened, the program will automatically determine the color codes of threads and the number of threads necessary for work. A large selection of tools for work is suitable, first of all, for experienced embroiderers who work on complex, multi-colored embroideries, in contrast to the program "Cross", which is designed for beginners. You can learn about all the features of this program and detailed instructions on how to work with schemas from the built-in help.

English versions of cross stitch programs

Cross Stitching Software - Pattern Maker forCross stitch The most famous and popular among the embroiderers is the program for creating schemes - Pattern Maker for Cross stitch. Suitable for beginners and experienced embroiderers. The program has a large set of tools for working on the creation of schemes. Its "highlight" can be called such a function, as the illumination on the crosses of the same color, which is very convenient for embroidery, which is a large number of single crosses. You can select the foreground of the circuit to specify the priority thread tones for embroidering pictures or photos. Conversion of colors, the possibility of creating their own individual schemes, the development of schemes for machine embroidery, the multifunctionality of tools for creating schemes, and most importantly, its Russification make this program very attractive. You can view and print out ready-made charts in various formats (for example, XSD). The whole set of tools for work is in front of your eyes in the form of graphical icons. Bringing the mouse cursor to each sign, you can read what it is intended for. The version works mainly with foreign producers of mulina. Pattern Maker came out in several versions, its trial versions can be downloaded from the developer's site, but then it will have to be renewed or bought at full cost. Only the file viewer is available for download.
Program for embroidery «PCStitch»
Easy to learn program, with a clearInterface, which is displayed on the monitor, its only drawback is the lack of russification, that is, learning to translate photos into circuits will have to be experienced. Undoubtedly plus programs - all received schemes are saved with small files, which saves space on the computer. Were published in eight different versions, all of its versions can be downloaded for free, as well as file viewer. As with any program, there are drawbacks to it, including lack of highlighting of stitches, complicated process of color conversion, not always qualitative schemes, all these are costs of goods provided free of charge. A good, high-quality program for embroidery, you can buy only for money, paying its full cost. But, if you want to really embroider a neat, beautiful picture or portrait, then it is better not to save on it. Paying for the program only once, you can use all its functions unlimitedly.
Features of Cross Stitch Pro
Has a good conversion algorithmColors, the program creates files with the extension XSP. Unlike most similar programs, it has original tools for processing photos. These include the ability to change the saturation and brightness of colors, not only in the finished scheme, but also in the original image, highlighting the selected stitches of the circuit, and a machine embroidery module is built into it. A big plus is the presence in the program of a unique function - automatic removal of single crosses. The disadvantages include a heavy-duty interface, inconvenience of printing and high cost.

Calculation of the labor intensity of the embroidered product

Embroidery with a cross or beads can be not onlyAn exciting hobby, but also a source of material income. The products of "handmade" are always highly appreciated, so you can always sell your embroidery, or, if an experienced embroiderer, make embroidery on order. For example, to embroider a portrait of a famous person, a famous painting, a family or collective photo.

To know how much to evaluate their work,It is necessary to calculate the cost of material costs and add interest for the time spent. You can do this using various tools that you can find and download on the Internet. These are mini - programs, which are an embroidery calculator. You enter in it all the data on the embroidery, and it gives you a full financial calculation. For example, you have embroidered a large family portrait and you need to correctly calculate your work costs. To do this, the following parameters must be entered in the calculator. The width and height of the canvas in crosses (consider their number), the cost of canvas, thread, beads, if it is embroidery with beads, frames for decoration, that is all material costs. Now you can calculate the cost of one cross, it is from this price and the calculation of the cost will be made. Entering data into width and height in special windows, setting the cost of one cross, adding interest for complexity of work or time spent working on the photo, if you wish, we click on the button "Calculate". As a result, the program will give you the full cost of your work, which it is not very easy to calculate yourself correctly. The work, embroidered with beads, certainly, will cost much more expensively, than embroidered by a dagger.
How to calculate the number of materials for embroidery with a cross or beads

To do this, you can also use a calculatorCanvas. It will help to calculate the size of the embroidered product. Enter the size of the scheme in the stitches (height + width), add a few centimeters to the allowances, and enter the canvas number. As a result, we get the sizes of embroidery. Calculation of embroidery with beads can also be done with the help of such a calculator. To do this, we enter in the special fields the same data as for the cross-stitch, but instead of the cost of one cross, we indicate the cost of the bead. With these convenient programs, you can correctly calculate all the costs of embroidery. They can be downloaded together with embroidery software or on-line.

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