Puppet Theater Little Red Riding Hood: desktop, finger / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Puppet Theater Little Red Riding Hood: desktop, finger / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Home puppet theater is fun and funnypastime, which helps to open creatively to adults and children. Especially if you make characters yourself. Try to revive the well-known children's fairy tale by S. Perrault "Little Red Riding Hood", making your own collection. The following are the options for performing a puppet theater. Method of implementation:

  • You can start with creating a hairdo for a doll. To do this, wind the middle line along the entire length about 15-16 times. Remove the winding, tie in the middle, tighten the knot tightly, and cut the ends.
  • Take a clean bottle, cut it across so that the top part is slightly less than the bottom. This is the future head and trunk of the doll.
  • On a sheet of velvet paper and on a piece of cardboarddraw (you can by pattern) circles 10-15 cm in diameter. In the middle of these blanks for the hat draw a circle - circle the cap from the bottle. Cut holes on this contour, and then glue the parts together.
  • Take the doll's hair, bend it in half, insert the bandaged piece into the neck of the cut bottle. From above on a hairdress to put on a hat (that is why it was cut out by the diameter of the lid).
  • The top of the hair that was above the hat should bewrap it with braid or satin ribbon. Paint the top of the bottle with white gouache, allow to dry. Then, with a simple pencil, draw a face: eyes, nose, lips.
  • Multicolored gouache paints draw a facepupae. Then insert the bottom of the bottle into the finished head. Now you can paint your torso on your own. You can draw a red skirt, and on top the white apron is what the Red Riding Hood is traditionally wearing. At the bottom draw your shoes. For better strength, you can cover the product with acrylic lacquer.
  • a toy from a bottleThe manufacturing process of such toys is morelaborious than other options. But the result is unusual and original dolls for the theater. Here you can dream up, play with decor, sew real clothes. The child will definitely be delighted with such an idea.

    Other ideas

    Any creativity is always boundless in itself. Therefore, there are many options for making the theater "Little Red Riding Hood", because everyone sees in his own way. This is especially true of molding. Heroes are made from ordinary plasticine, to work with which you can attach children. From clay are obtained more durable characters: they are baked in the oven, painted with colors, covered with lacquer. May be soft sets of pupae: made of felt, knitted, sewn from rags, woven from wool, etc. Everything depends on your desire and skills. But it is worth creating - both independently and together with the children. After all, as a result, exclusive toys are obtained. And made by own hands always means "done with love"!