Puppet Theater with their own hands made of paper / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Puppet Theater with their own hands made of paper / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

So it happened today - children have a large sharetime is spent at the monitor. Audiences sometimes become touched, watching how skillfully a two-year-old kid treats with a keyboard or a ten-year-old son quietly sits at home, without losing an unknown where. Over time, the computer replaces books, sports and even communication in the family. It's time to sound the alarm: even the most advanced designers and robot dolls can not compete with the Internet.

Own puppet theater - a godsend for the family

In search of an alternative to harmful hobbiesadults often forget about such a magical art as a puppet theater. After all, to representations with dolls, children of younger age and even older are not at all indifferent. They adore simple and clear performances with a ridiculous plot, with long familiar characters and with a happy ending. Is it more often to drive children in puppet theaters? This is also good. But we are talking about the behavior of the child at home. After all, it is not difficult without the expense to make dolls with their relatives, in a cozy friendly home atmosphere. And even organize the most interesting performances. Here, the children themselves will have to persuade their parents to do their favorite game.

Finger theater and child development

The child has already two years to retellknown fairy tale or part of the dialogue. He is very involved in the game and simultaneously develops his speech as a finger hero of a fairy tale. The child himself speaks for a bunny, for a wolf, for a fox. Such dolls can be made from paper by hand.

Puppet theater made of paper

The most simple theater is a paper theater. Every mother can make it by her own hands. It's easy to do this even on the road or on a walk. Creating dolls on your finger begins with drawing characters. This is a separate interesting process, and it is possible and necessary to involve a child in it. But to create a whole puppet theater is easier and faster, printing out ready-made patterns of dolls, which are quite a lot on the pages of the Internet. And then we need only scissors and glue. There is a finger theater flat and round, and both will not require a long preparation. In the first case, these are the heads or the upper half of the pupa, which are put on each finger with a paper tube. You can not even make a doll's head separately, but simply glue bright tubes or even cones. Before joining the edges of a future tube, we create an image. To do this, glue on the blanks of the eye from beads, sponges, antennae, wings, pens, clothing and other attributes of the character. Ears can be immediately planned on a pattern. Such dolls can be worn at once for all fingers and arrange a real little show, playing with both hands. The palm version of the puppet theater is absolutely indispensable in the long journey and in the long queue for the entertainment of the baby. And the child will not ask you for an iPhone, but rather engage in conversation with finger-heroes or play different scenes: from life, from the same computer game or invented by him. In the second case, the drawings have two finger holes and are pasted onto the cardboard. The fingers inserted in the slits are the legs of the doll, which move and "revive" it. On one hand there is only one such doll, sometimes two.

Theater of paper on wooden sticks

pictures on sticks Puppet theater can be made at leastinteresting, if instead of fingers to attach the heroes of the play to sticks, designed for examination of the throat. Excellent and suitable ice cream sticks. Fairy-tale characters can be painted or cut from old colored magazines, and then pasted onto a cardboard box. Dolls on a stick will move in the slit of the terrain prepared for the performance. Such a scene is very simple to make out of a cardboard sheet. pictures on sticks We color it according to the plot: under a clearing, a river bank or something else. The river itself, for example, can be replaced by a blue scarf thrown on such a glade. Taking a clerical knife, on the underside of the cardboard we make a few small cuts on the left and right and, for example, below the left one. The holes for the plotting must contain two dolls at the same time.

Paper theater on plastic spoons

dolls on spoons An excellent material for a puppet mini theater withThe use of paper can serve as plastic spoons. On their convex "faces" you can glue bright pictures, wind on the "neck" scarves of paper strips and even put on dresses made of paper - the characters for the performance are ready!

Desktop paper theater on plastic cups, cork, cubes

table-top made of paperDid you notice that children sometimes act like dollsdesignate just some cubes, cork or plastic cups? Such is the power of their imagination! And if you paste appliqués depicting people or animals on such objects and play with the child a little? The cubes are interesting because each side is decorated with a paper portrait of a new hero. It turns out such a many-sided toy. With paper, cups, cork and cubes will turn into a real puppet theater, the game itself will become much more colorful and interesting. Most children will play long tales and scenes from life even without our participation. "Troupe" can be replenished endlessly or easily replaced with new characters. The theater helps to develop the imagination, expressive, as well as coherent speech of the baby. Slightly fantasizing, every adult, and according to his example, a child, will be able to come up with and make his own interesting new versions of his own puppet theater made of paper. For example, from paper bags or papier-mache. In a home theater, unlike another, where he mostly enjoys the spectacle, the baby can speak. And here he gets the attention of his parents. And adults are thoughtful to listen to what conversations are carried by puppets in the hands of their child.