Rabbits and rabbits of beads. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Rabbits and rabbits of beads. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Braided from beads bunnies are cute figures,which will bring a warm and fervent note to any home and will be an excellent gift. Create them with simple and instructions for weaving and please them with your loved ones or yourself!

Bunny with carrots

The basic technique of weaving in creating such ahare - parallel. Before weaving, you need to create an example scheme on paper. It is necessary to depict on it rows with beads so that their combination would look like an egg with a beveled bottom. Take the gray or blue beads and startcreate the first row. To make the second row, you need to pass through the beads first one tip of the wire, and then the other on the other side. By the same principle, the remaining series must be done. Do not forget to use in the center white beads, imitating the tummy of the rabbit. The next step is the ears and paws. In their creation there is nothing difficult - string on the wire beads and twist it into a ring. Next, we shape and tie to the calf. The carrot should be created in the technique of parallel weaving. For the basis you will need orange beads, and for the tops it is better to take bright green beads, which you need to string on the wire and tie to the top of the carrot. Next, take the wire and gray or blue beads and make the handles the same way as the tops. On their tips there should be a pair of white beads. One paw should be reattached only to the trunk, and the other to the trunk and carrot. Bunnies woven from beads Antennae, ocelli, nose and mouth can be glued. Antennae are best made from wool or wire, and everything else is made from beads.

White rabbit from beads

If you are looking for the simplest option, this onewill do. We need white, pink and black seed beads. White beads, thread on a wire, fold it in a circle. Next, create another circle, only after adding each bead you need to wind the wire on the wire in the previous row. So you need to create a flattened ball, which will be the body. Next, you need to make the head so that it is not an individual detail, but a continuation of the trunk. Bunnies woven from beads For two short delays we string the whitebeads, turn them off so that they look like ears, and tie them to the head. Similarly, we make paws and a tail. We glue the black beads that will be the eyes, and the pink beads to where the tail should be.

Hare from beads in clothes

This hare can be made using technologyparallel weaving. A head with ears, a body in clothes, legs and pens - here are six details of which it will consist. Bunny body parts can be weaved from gray beads. In the ears you can add a pink beads. Bunnies woven from beads An interesting variant of the middle is dressing in stripes. String beads of different colors on each row. The single-tone version also looks pretty good. Do not forget to paste beads imitating the mouth, eyes and nose, or create these pieces of paper.