Rachy step - method 2

Rachy step - method 2

Rachy step rachiy step can be performed by severalin ways. Consider a flexible and easy way to take a different step. What is different learned earlier from this! Not very big difference in them, but it is functional. The first method is more rigid, and this one is much softer. In the first case, the tied edge will hardly be pulled, but the second is not so constrained!

A pitch as a way of decoration

But strapping in step of step is not only a wayfixing the edge. It can also serve as a decorative element. Just tying the edge of the product, we already get a very interesting effect. Contrast grooves on a single-color canvas also look very nice. While fantasizing about this topic, interesting models can come to your head, which you simply need to bring to life! ? Let's look at the second way of knitting with a stride step. 1. Suppose we have a finished canvas that needs to be tied 2 I will knit with a contrast thread for clarity. If you also want to make a contrast strapping, then we make an initial loop on the additional thread and pass it through the last two loops of the last column of the row. 3. Two air loops, one for lifting, one for the pattern 4. We put the hook into the free loop of the current position. The direction of the stride step always goes against the usual 5. Grab a working thread. Please note that the thread is not twisted, but only captured. Otherwise, the hook will become tangled in the loop and it will no longer be possible to stretch the thread through it. 6. Pull the loop out of the working thread towards us through the canvas. 7. Grab the working thread and stretch it through both loops on the hook. The first item is ready 8. Making an air loop 9. We put the hook into the free loop of the previous row 10. Grab the working thread 11. Pull the loop through the canvas. 12. Grab the working thread 13. Pull the working thread through both loops on the hook 14. This is what the second method of performing the pitch step looks like. A slight visual difference in the two options.Knitting rachego step there. But it is not so noticeable. But the difference to the touch is decent. ? Thanks for attention! See you at the new classes! Do not forget to add a useful bookmark using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below!