Rack of drawers with their own hands

Rack of drawers with their own hands

Wooden boxes from fruit and vegetables, differentContainers and boxes of plywood are well suited for creating furniture. Why? Because the boxes are made of environmentally friendly material, they have a natural appearance, they make it possible to assemble a cabinet, a wall or a shelf from drawers with their own hands as a designer, and also serve as perfectly organized and voluminous places for storing things. shelving from drawers Cabinets, shelving and shelves from wooden boxesperfectly fit into the interior with elements of country or rustic styles, which are characterized by simplicity, deliberate rudeness, rural naivety, the use of natural materials in raw form. Wood is the main material of these styles. wooden shelving from drawers But if the boxes are painted in bright colors and varnished, the shelves of them will look organic in more modern interiors. bright shelves of wooden boxes an open rack of drawers with their own hands But, in my opinion, it is more interesting to make a rack ofnatural unpainted boxes, already previously used. Explicit defects of the tree - scratches, irregularities, cracks, traces of time or various damages will only be an advantage and give the furniture a special charm. wooden shelves

How to make a rack of drawers with your own hands

Everything is very simple. Put the boxes on top of each other. This can be a wall in the form of a rectangle or a ladder, the boxes can be placed horizontally or vertically. Then fasten the boxes together with nails or screws. Another option is to hang each box on the wall separately. Then you can create a whole composition from separate shelves - boxes. wall into the living room with your own hands from wooden boxes shelf in the kitchen from a wooden box shelf in the kitchen from a wooden box shelves from boxes by own hands shelving from boxesshelving from drawers