Cooking a long Christmas cake for Christmas night - baking and recipe

Cooking a long Christmas cake for Christmas night - baking and recipe

New Year traditions should be supported. Many of us, one way or another, have their own stock of standard dishes, which we use and use a special recipe for ingredients and recreate a new idea of ​​the author. In this master class, we suggest looking at a completely new and unique dish that has become popular quite recently. It's about a dish that will entertain everyone. So, we have to use the beautiful idea of ​​a cake for the new year. There are many ideas for decorating and decorating cakes. This idea - like many masters of cooking, as it is both creative, and also allows you to saturate a large number of guests. What, for example, if you make a cake in the form of a beautiful animal snake? Of course, with proper design, you can get something more than a simple ordinary cake. Therefore, we will use all the ingredients for cooking!

Cooking a long Christmas cake for Christmas night - baking and recipe

A small snake for the New Year holiday is a great way to make a cake for the whole family. The recipe for this cake can not be considered difficult, and it is very easy to prepare this cake:

  • Take 600 grams of flour for dough
  • Prepare 200 grams for butter
  • We need 150 milligrams of milk
  • It will take 2 eggs
  • Also, take one teaspoon of soda

Of these ingredients, we have to prepare the dough, but what about the cream filling? The most necessary for a cream is a correct selection of products:

  • 200 grams of butter (creamy)
  • You will also need 20 grams of sugar from vanilla
  • Also, take two jars of condensed milk
  • It will take sour cream

Also, there are additional ingredients to improve the taste of our cake. What are they?

  • It will take 100 grams of nuts, peeled and walnuts!
  • Take 100 grams of chocolate (white)
  • Also 50 grams of chocolate (dark)
  • It will take a lemon marmalade for five shakes
  • Also take 5 branches of mint
  • Chocolate sweets - round (2 pieces)
  • It will be necessary to dry the "baby"
  • Take also prunes
  • It will take 2-3 tablespoons of milk

Cake-cooking We cook a long Christmas cake for the Christmas night - pastries and a recipe. Photo №1 To make our fabulous cake, you needstart work. First of all, we are preparing butter, which must be melted to room temperature. Then, as long as this happens, we sift the flour, with which further fruitful work is also to be done. Then, beat the eggs, in which after all the actions you need to refill with oil. Then, take the milk in order to form the dough and mix the whole composition. In the end - it is also necessary to pour in the right amount of flour, which must previously be treated with soda, step-by-step vinegar. Also added sugar, kneaded dough and after, for 30 minutes - the whole composition is placed inside the refrigerator. In the oven! After - we work with the oven. It must be heated to a suitable temperature of 180 degrees. Then, on our sheet is laid out a special parchment. Then, the dough with the help of grater, turns into shavings and is placed inside the parchment. Next - there is a baking process. Bake our composition for twenty minutes, until the whole dish is ruddy. Next, we wait until our product cools and breaks into small pieces. Decor We cook a long Christmas cake for the Christmas night - pastries and a recipe. Photo # 2 We work with nuts! They need to be fried in a dry frying pan, pre-kneading, and then - using a rolling pin to turn into a crumb. In order to make butter in the form of a cream, you need to whip it for two minutes, then - add a little boiled condensed milk and sugar with vanilla, whisk this mixture to a homogeneous mass. Then, let's proceed to the design. The decoration is done using a small grater, as well as chocolate. It is necessary to cover the entire surface of the cake. Then, we make a similar action with dark chocolate, which we previously interfere with the milk composition and melted kind. Using a spoon, he recreates the necessary patterns for the back of the snake. Then, we form eyes using candy. Using prunes - we form cilia for an animal. Decorate the appearance with mint, drying is put on the tail. Then, the cake must be cooled! When our cake is completely ready, we can put it on the table. So much cake you can feed the whole family, and still will be the next time. The recipe is extremely simple, and its preparation is quite convenient for ordinary fans of cooking. In addition, this cake recipe is extremely popular for New Year's tables or Christmas holidays