Preparing for the New Year holidays: how to make a beautiful and original Christmas wreath of cones / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Preparing for the New Year holidays: how to make a beautiful and original Christmas wreath of cones / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

New Year holidays are loved not only by children, but also byadults who are also waiting for some pleasant changes, updates and, perhaps, even miracles. Preparations for winter and winter holidays usually start from the autumn, because until the New Year so many things have to be done, and time flies very quickly. If you want to spend it profitably, start right now, make new-year decor and other attributes of the festive period. One of the the most popular and unchanging symbols of Christmas and New Year's is a beautiful wreath at the front door. There are many master classes that demonstrate how you can make a New Year's wreath yourself with your own hands from a variety of materials, for example, cones.

Cones are a chic natural material for decoration items

Cones of all kinds - and spruce, and cedar, andpine - even themselves are similar to the original art objects created by nature. And if you attach to this wonderful natural and environmentally friendly material a little bit of your imagination and creative thought, you can make of them completely unique things and objects for decorating the interior. An important additional plus - bumps can be collected absolutely free of charge in any forest, park with coniferous trees or forest plantations. Wreath of conesDecorate the house with a New Year or Christmas wreath- a custom that came from Western culture, but fell in love and settled down with us. On winter holidays, you can make not only a wreath of cones on the door, but also weave the same decor for the table or come up with variations of the product in the form of a bouquet or garland. Collecting cones, choose the most whole and beautiful, different sizes, you can capture and copies of an interesting shape - they are also useful. In addition to them, you will also need twigs of coniferous trees. Note that spruce branches can quickly crumble, but pine needles are much stronger, so they will last longer. Wreath of conesMany master classes show the necessary preparation of the material for work:

  • first of all, the collected cones will have to be washed and cleaned of dirt or foreign particles;
  • then you need to dry them well;
  • if you want to use bumps, as they are inin natural form, then nothing else to do with them is not necessary, but you can start making a wreath, but it is worth knowing that the cones are perfectly dyeable - for this, simply dip them entirely into the paint you need colors (most conveniently while holding the bump on the wire or thread ) or use the paint in the cans, and if you need to whiten the material, then immerse it in a jar with the most usual whiteness and leave it for five hours (then rinse the cones and dry them at the minimum temperature in the oven);
  • Also looks beautifully applied gilding or sequins of glitter;
  • plus - cones can be given an additional flavor, for example, cinnamon or any other odorous substance (pick up a bouquet of spices, depending on your preferences).

Wreath of conesWhen everything is ready, it remains to be decided on thecomposition. Perhaps you want to make a simple wreath of cones in a natural way - without any artificial additions, tinsel and other indispensable New Year details. This is also beautiful and interesting, the main thing is to skillfully pick and match the cones of different sizes, and you can also different species. But it will be more original if you decorate or add a wreath of cones with other natural materials: nuts, acorns, coffee beans, bunches of mountain ash or hips , fruit (some master-classes are advised to take artificial or dried fruits or berries for this purpose to preserve the durability and strength of the product), miniature bouquets of dried flowers, pine needles or just trees. Wreath of conesAdding cinnamon or asterisks to a wreathanise will make your decoration very fragrant and aromatic. Also do not forget about Christmas balls, toys, snowflakes, shiny tinsel and beads, serpentine and ribbons, glowing garlands, with which you can make your wreath of cones a real unique masterpiece.

Getting Started

New Year or Christmas wreath takendo in the form of a circle, because the circle is a symbol of eternal life, also four candles were used - as if four sides of the world's light. Their color in the Catholic tradition was predominantly purple (for three candles) and pink (for one), since such are the liturgical colors of worship during the Advent period. Wreath of conesIt is noteworthy that initially there were fourlarge white candles and twenty-four little red ones (the story of the Christmas wreath originates from the Lutheran Johann Hinrich Wiechern). However, today you can find a wide variety of wreath variations, so if you want to make a wreath of cones in the shape of a heart, a star or something, with candles of a certain color or without them - give vent to fantasies and embody your creative ideas. To begin with, let's take a look at the simplest master class of making Christmas decorations. The wreath will look great and at the entrancedoors, and houses, as part of the New Year's decor of the interior, and even on the festive table as the original foundation for candles. Let the joint manufacture of this wonderful ornaments bring to your home and family happy moments of expectation of the holiday with faith in magic and miracle.