The recipe of the German Stollen with their own hands - New Year's master class

The recipe of the German Stollen with their own hands - New Year's master class

What could be more pleasant than a New Year's Eve, whenchimes beat twelve times and after that, we drink drinks, we are happy with friends and just meet the new year! What could be better than a Christmas meeting in the family circle? Of course, each of us has our own attitude to the holidays and, therefore, we should take into account the fact that we need to prepare for them. New Year's cooking is always distinguished by its special approach and the desire to make a memorable dish as memorable as possible. But, it is not always necessary to choose traditional, family options. You can borrow traditions and solutions from other countries. In a number of other European countries, we are sure there will be several unique and special recipes that can be used for a Christmas or New Year's table.

The recipe of the German Stollen with their own hands - New Year's master class

The recipe of the German Stollen with his own hands is a New Year's master class. Photo №1 We have many opportunities to please ourrelatives and friends, but not so often use them. A large number of different recipes allow us to decorate our table with a variety of delicacies. We burden ourselves with a variety of ideas, in order to please or even impress loved ones with their culinary scales. Here and these holidays do not remain without business! We have to come up with something new. But what if you plunge into the world of European traditions? Long ago, different peoples used their own dishes for cooking, to please their loved ones. In more ancient times, when there was no Internet, flights and constant travels to other countries, there were traditions and people tried only those dishes that were popular in their homeland. Let's try to study unique variants of the recipe, which you can make by yourself. German dishes have always been famous for their uniqueness and unique, exquisite recipes. Recipe stollen from Germany

  • We need 100 grams of cherries in thawed form
  • Take 75 grams of pistachios, which must first be cleaned of the shell
  • Also, take 95 grams of candied fruits
  • Let's use the orange liqueur
  • Also, take 7 grams of yeast (dry, or two teaspoons)
  • Also, we need warm milk in the amount of 125 grams
  • Take also 70 grams of sugar
  • We will use the butter in the amount of 125 grams, we also need an additional 10 grams for lubrication
  • Let's take also one egg
  • A half teaspoon of orange peeled (dried)
  • It takes a half teaspoon cardamom

Also, take the powdered sugar in the amount of 50gram and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. For starters, it is necessary to defrost our berry products to start cooking. Then, it is necessary to squeeze out the juice from the fruit, so that they remain dry. After that, mix the milk with the yeast and in parallel add two teaspoons of sugar. Then, this mixture must be beaten until the grains disappear. After that, leave our mixture for 5 minutes in a warm place, so that milk does not begin to lose its flavor.

Delicious recipe

We use a mixer for producingMixing the butter (cream) with the sugar until the structure of the cream appears. Sugar should dissolve! After, it is necessary to add egg yolk, as well as zest with cardamom. After that, we pour it all into milk with yeast, after which, we pour out the flour and make the mixing of our billet to the state of a homogeneous liquid. After that, we spread our dough on the territory, having previously spilled it with flour. After that, knead the dough for 5 minutes until it increases. After, pour cherries, nuts and candied fruits into the cherry. After, we again mix the composition and leave it up to an hour to stand. The recipe of the German Stollen with his own hands is a New Year's master class. Photo # 2 The end of cooking an incredible shtollen alreadyclose to completion A complete recipe can be tested on its own to prepare a unique dish. It remains only to work with the oven and in a few hours your Stollen will be the zenith and the most important beauty of the table. But, it's time to waste, too, there is no need, because you can warm up the oven to a temperature of 180 degrees. After, it is necessary to whip the dough with a device or fist. Then, you need to grease the baking sheet with sunflower oil. Then, roll up a large, long sausage, which we put in the oven. The cake is smeared with butter, processed with cinnamon. After that, Stollen is heated for 20 minutes in a warm place. Then, it is baked in the oven for half an hour - 40 minutes until the crust appears. Get our product and soak it with orange liqueur. Then, leave our product for a while to half an hour. We use powdered sugar to sprinkle the shtollen! Why choose Stollen? This option of a refined and traditional German dish will successfully decorate your Christmas table. A set of incredible ingredients inside the cupcake amazes with its taste possibilities, and we get an incredible pleasure from the taste and its characteristics.