Nominal icons of saints, embroidered with beads, can be created by oneself if one meets all the requirements and rules

Nominal icons of saints, embroidered with beads, can be created by oneself if one meets all the requirements and rules

Nominal icons of saints embroidered with beads, steelquite popular. They are especially appreciated, as they are endowed with faith, sincere worship of God. Such icons are similar to what the icon painters have created. Work on the embroidery of saints is very interesting and complicated, as it requires special attention. Therefore, before embarking on its implementation, you should familiarize yourself well with the rules and requirements for this type of embroidery. Embroidery has long been the prerogative of the Slavic people. Works of craftsmen at all times were in price and today are in many museums around the world. Embroidery with beads is no exception. This kind of art wins its unusual and beautiful. Each needlewoman can learn to sew with beads if she has a desire. You can create a beautiful picture, and an element of decor, and an icon with the faces of saints. Moreover, it will not be inferior to those icons that the icon painters have written. Named icons, embroidered with beads. Photo №1 In today's article it will be about embroiderypersonal icons. By nominal is meant that icon on which the saint (the name-bearing icon) is depicted. In Russia there are a large number of saints known for their charitable deeds and deeds that have the same names. During the baptism, the minister of the church always indicates in honor of whom exactly the one who is baptized is called. The entry is also made in the certificate, which is issued after the baptism. The icon, on which the saint is depicted, is placed in the house in a place of honor. Now she will become a guard for the baby, and the saint is his patron and protector. If a person, under the influence of some or other life reasons, has no information about who is his patron saint, one should proceed from the birthday. The first after the date of birth is a church holiday, the day of the saint, who bore a similar name. You can learn this information from the church calendar. Beaded embroidered icons have the same spiritual grandeur as traditional ones. Especially if she was embroidered with the hands of a loved one who sincerely wishes happiness, health, all the best. Named icons, embroidered with beads. Photo # 2 Such personalized embroidered icons are not just a tributefashion, beautiful picture. Although they, at times, and are a real work of art, created by the hands of a skillful master. Such products have significant differences from both paintings and icons.

  • Icons from beads are absolutely unique. You can not create two identical icons, even if they were embroidered by the same master.
  • They are very beautiful, impeccable in their eccentricity.
  • They give an opportunity to feel a spiritual connection, intimacy with their holy patron.
  • Provided that the craftsman adheres to the established rules, embroidered icons with beads are durable. They will serve their owner throughout his life.
  • An indispensable, unforgettable gift for every person, especially for someone close to you.

Sets designed for embroidery with beads of personal icons Named icons, embroidered with beads. Picture №3 Each needlewoman can create such icons. If you want to embroider a personal icon with beads by your own hands for yourself or your loved ones, you can buy special sets. They make it possible to save considerable time for the preparatory and working processes. The kits already include all the necessary materials, the beads of the required shades. On an independent purchase of it may require long trips to specialized stores, because not always and not everywhere you can buy the shade that is required for this particular image. Each image with the help of beads of saints requires the craftsman to use the material only exactly specified shades. Otherwise, the work can be spoiled. The icon, unlike paintings with flowers and other drawings, requires absolute similarity. Experiments in this case are unacceptable. In the kits all materials, exact schemes, transferred to the canvas and selected by the compilers, fully comply with the requirements. Individual schemes on the fabric of personal icons Named icons, embroidered with beads. Photo №4 If you are an experiencedmaster needlewoman, then you can use that bead that remains in the set after doing the embroidery. There are special schemes by which you can create your own personal icon. In this case, you yourself will need to choose shades. What are the advantages of ready-made tissue schemes?

  • The image is applied to high quality fabric, more often it is an atlas.
  • To make it more convenient to work, they are initially duplicated by non-woven fabric.
  • It is indicated by the manufacturers how many beads will be required in each shade.
  • There are different sizes of icons. There is a possibility to choose any of them. The most popular are: 13 cm x 15 cm; 20.5 cm x 24 cm; 24 cm x 30 cm; 9 cm x 11 cm.

You will just need to choose the right colorsbeads and threads, which will be required in the work. Such schemes will be convenient for those who find it difficult to transfer them from paper to fabric independently because of the artist's lack of talent. You can embroider such icons in two ways - full or partial canvas sewing. Named icons, embroidered with beads. Photo №5 Tips to use Named icons, embroidered with beads. Photo №6 Ready fabric with a pattern or workpiece purchasedin the store, you need to fix it on the frame, for example, using the buttons. Sometimes the size of the workpiece is not large enough, so the workpiece can be temporarily increased while work is being done. To do this, it is enough to sew a strip of any fabric. Careful approach to lighting the workplace. It should be well lit, because this kind of work is too painstaking. Survey of the canvas should be as good as possible. It will be convenient enough to work at the table. On the table is better to spread white cloth. In this case, all the details will be clearly visible, and if, suddenly, the bead falls, it can easily be found. All beads in shades should be packed in separate containers or boxes from under matches. It is desirable that the containers are closed with lids. Then, if you interrupt, then just close the beads and it does not get anywhere. The selection of threads must also be thorough. Ordinary cotton threads will not work. You need to take special, durable. Nylon threads will do. The color of the thread should correspond to the shade of the fabric itself. Embroidery is carried out in one thread. If the fabric is white or light, then the thread must also be light (beige, light gray, white). Dark fabric - the thread is used in the same tone. If the beads are golden, you should take a gray thread. Be sure to check the thread for color. It should not shed, otherwise the work will be spoiled. So that the thread does not get tangled during embroidery, it is sometimes waxed. Do not cut too long a thread, it can either become entangled, or break at an unnecessary moment, thereby creating difficulties for the master. Needles use, also, special ones. They should be long and thin. More often, needlewomen take needles No. 10 and No. 12. In the sets, however, the needles for embroidering beads No. 11 are mostly. They are considered a universal option. Do not be afraid to start a new activity for yourself. By and large, there is absolutely nothing complicated in this work. You can learn everything, the main thing is to follow all the rules and advice. The properly chosen holy, prepared workplace and the desire to create will do the impossible. Soon you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your own labor and give yourself the joy of yourself and your loved ones.