Rice paper for decoupage, photo and video work with it

Rice paper for decoupage, photo and video work with it


Rice paper for decoupage, is one of theThe most convenient and delicate materials, in this kind of needlework. Because of its unique and rare qualities, rice paper perfectly fits on each uneven surface, which is to be decorated. There is no difference what material you work with, whether it be wood, glass or plastic. As a result, you will not see any folds, bubbles, or any other damage on it.
In this lesson, you will learn what is being doneRice paper, how to apply it in decoupage, and also consider a master class, through which you learn how to decorate the objects that surround you with rice paper.

Working with rice paper

Rice paper, distinguished not only by countryManufacturer, but also in terms of density. Basically, in the store you can buy three types of rice paper density, namely: 10 gr / m2, 14 gr / m2, 20 gr / m2. From its thickness, it is due to how quickly it will get wet by the action of water or glue. The thinner the thickness, the faster you can apply the paper to any surface.
In order for the image to go well withBackground, it is recommended to use paper of the same size as 10 gr / m2, it is much thinner than other examples. If you want to make an intricate intermittent motif, it is preferable to take a thin material and cut it with small scissors. At will, you can do it yourself, taking out the necessary images.
Too thick rice paper, quite the sameWhimsical. When you cut it with scissors, you risk getting contoured contours. In this case, the use of scissors is rational, if you, at the end of the work on decoupage, paint with different shades of paint, the edges and contours of the pasted pattern that hide the clear boundaries.
If, such boundaries are not preferable to youDo, then pull out the motive, with your own hands. In the event that you will reach the fiber, cut it with scissors for manicure. Otherwise, you risk tearing the paper in an unnecessary place, which will entail a breach of the outline of the picture or fiber, can stretch out that too, nor is it good for further decoupage.

After you have done the right manipulationsWith rice paper, you can begin to glue it to the surface of the craft. First of all, please make sure that the product is completely degreased with alcohol or detergent, and then primed and sanded. Clearly decide for yourself what color the background will be, since, the wetted material is very well visible. It will be best to paint the surface with light acrylic paint. Then, for sure, you can not spoil what was originally intended.
Now, you need to decide what kind of fittings, you'll paste a picture, varnish, glue or water.
Bonding rice paper, using a varnish, is one of the most common in decoupage. It is applied by brush on the surface, starting from the middle, and then, continuing to the very borders of the motif.
Application of varnish, almost like the previousWay decoupage. But, there is one small nuance, after you glue the paper with glue before applying the image, and then on top of it, after drying, you must apply an acrylic lacquer. It is advisable to do this several times, leaving gaps between drying out. Then, work in the technique of decoupage, will last much longer.

The method of sticking with water is also not very complicated. First of all, the paper is wetted with water, then it adapts to the craft. When the water evaporates, apply glue or a varnish. This method is great because you have the opportunity to see how the decoupage exposition will look. If you do not like this kind, you can safely swap papers and do as you please. This variant of working with rice paper will be useful if different fragments of rice paper are pasted. So, you can find a suitable angle for the clippings.
After such information, you probably succeededMake sure that the paper for decoupage from rice fibers, is ideal for creating beautiful things. If you compare this paper with napkins, then rice paper, there are small advantages. With it you can not be afraid that the fibers will spoil or it will break in the most prominent place. If you follow the rules listed in the article, your masterpieces will last long and will look great.

Decoration of rice paper tray-tray

Decoupage technology can be restoredMost things and decor items. Especially, the furniture looks beautiful in this style. One of the most commonly used pieces of furniture is a table-tray. I drink tea and coffee on it, do my homework and work for a laptop.
To hold a master class, you need a tableWith wooden legs and a plastic table top. First of all, it must be primed. Wooden frames, primed with a brush, and the plastic surface, processed by a kitchen sponge, so it will be more convenient. After such manipulations, you will get a table with a smoothly painted surface and side parts. After such a thing dries, it needs to be covered with sandpaper to remove all roughness and roughness. Having done this work, you will get a smooth and smooth table.

For decoupage, rice paper is used, with a scale of 14 g / sq. M.

Due to the fact that such material is thin enough,It will perfectly merge with the plane during gluing. In order for the process to turn out to be ideal, all motives will be pulled out with their own hands, not using scissors.

Try the images on the tray table, so that the pattern is evenly laid and you can start to glue. Take PVA glue, slightly diluted with water and spread it over rice paper.

Next, let's take care of the wooden sides of the table. Apply to the bottom of the paint a dark shade. Then, rub the cinder candles with those places that can be easily processed by nesting. At the end of such actions, you will get a table with the effect of aging or in the so-called cheby chic style. Wiping should be in the places where they appear after the expiration of time, namely in the corners, the lateral parts of the legs.

When the work with the candle is finished, applyLight paint, which you worked at the beginning of the master class. One layer is enough. Dark paint will show through the light tone, this is what you need.

Again, we make artificial abrasions by applying sandpaper. It is important to try to remove the bright tier, which simply leaves, thanks to the candles.
The latest stage in decoupage, using rice paper, is the application of several layers of acrylic lacquer. In this case, a matt yacht lacquer is used. It is applied with a washcloth in two layers.

Such a paper made of rice fibers, perfectSuitable for decoupage. With its help, you can create a beautiful image, without wasting precious time on the painting. You can discover for yourself, ample opportunities in such needlework and surprise the people around you.

Video: Rice paper in examples of works