The correct printout of the pattern from Burda magazine is the key to a successful solution of the problem

The correct printout of the pattern from Burda magazine is the key to a successful solution of the problem

The correct printout of the pattern from the magazine Burda -pledge of successful fulfillment of the task set before itself, consisting in the independent tailoring of any element of clothing. This article will be of interest to all needlewomen without exception, especially those who use electronic versions of the world-famous magazine. The printing process is not complicated, the main thing is to choose the right program and follow the instructions. Burda magazine is well known to absolutely all women who prefer to sew clothes to themselves and loved ones on their own. It has been published for many decades. In the magazine you can always find many interesting fashionable clothes that will become irreplaceable in your wardrobe. Over time, when the life of people around the world included new technologies in the form of computers and the Internet, electronic versions of the magazine appeared. They are used by most modern women. This is quite convenient, the main thing is to print out patterns from the Burda magazine. This is what we will talk about in our article. Correct printout of the pattern from the Burda magazine. Photo №1 As a rule, every woman has a question,how correctly to print out a pattern from Burda. Of course, you can spend some time and find the right option by typing. After spoiled several dozen sheets of paper you will find it. But, you see, this is long and not very convenient. Therefore, we suggest that you do not suffer for a long time, but simply apply the already existing experience of many other needlewomen who will make the process of printing a drawing of the pattern as fast and convenient as possible. In this case, all the sizes of the pattern you like on the Internet will have a complete coincidence with the size of the pattern printed on paper. Correctly to make printout of drawing in any of formats, moreover and with presence of pictures is simple enough. This will help you with the advice that we now want to introduce to you. So, let's begin. If you need to make a printout of any pattern, which is offered in PDF format, use the free program ADOBE READER. It is easy to download and install from the Internet. Then we do everything according to the instructions that you see in the photo. Correct printout of the pattern from the Burda magazine. Photo # 2 If you need printout of a drawing of a patternproducts in JPG format, then the file is best opened using a special program Adobe Photoshop. It is paid, but if you try, you can easily find a broken, free version. In the picture you see detailed instructions for using, after which you will achieve the desired result. Correct printout of the pattern from the Burda magazine. Picture №3 In the case when the drawings of the patterns of the clotheswere scanned in DJVU format, then you need to work with the WinDjView program. Its main purpose is to read books. The program is free. In the picture you see a clear detailed instruction on its use. Correct printout of the pattern from the Burda magazine. Photo №4 With the main programs, we sorted it out. If your home printer has correctly set all the necessary settings, then you will not have problems with printing. Almost all the drawings of the pattern at the first attempt will turn out to be what you need. But in order not to worry and be sure that the scanned pattern, namely its dimensions and actual dimensions are completely identical, it is necessary to first measure the square of the control. He is always placed in the loose leaf with the proposed patterns on his first page. In all, without exception, Burda magazines, it measures 8.5 x 8.8 centimeters. Very many pages with patterns are already scanned with a ruler, which makes the task more simple. In the photo you can see how it looks. Correct printout of the pattern from the Burda magazine. Photo №5 Now let's look at the assembly of the printed pattern. In order to do everything correctly, you must follow the instructions. Instruction for assembling a printed pattern

  • First, print out the pattern. Depending on the model and magazine, you can get from eight to eighteen sheets.
  • We lay out all the sheets on the floor in the appropriateorder. They should be laid out so that we display the sheet of the drawing of the pattern, which is visible in the log. We must see the edges of our pattern. As a rule, in one row we can have from four to six pages.
  • We need to schedule and number all the pages in each of the series. For example, top 1, top 2 and so on, bottom 1, bottom 2 ...
  • The further actions are absolutely not complex. We, as always, find the element number and its contour lines.
  • The sheets need to be combined around the part thatmust be translated using tracing paper. The combination for each part of the part is best done alternately, rather than working immediately with the entire sheet. So the work process will be easier.

In principle, all the information that you may need to print a pattern from the magazine Burda, is posted in this article. You can safely get down to work.