Bathrobe with embroidery name (schema)

Bathrobe with embroidery name (schema)


Bathrobe with embroidery is a wonderful optionGift as a man and a woman, and even a child. Especially if this robe nominal and even embroidered with their own hands. And what about those who do not know how to embroider? Surely such a question will mature. And then there are two options. You can either quickly learn embroidery, or to order the product to those who know how. Widespread embroidery machine names or logos on coats. It turns out quite neat and pretty. In addition it can be done on almost any material, and in a fairly short period of time. But no matter how good the embroidery machine, and all the product made or decorated by hand somehow always warm and cozy. But then you can run into some problems. The first of them - how to embroider on the robe.
Embroidering on any clothing, you can usedifferent techniques and types of embroidery. The main rule - a neat wrong side. If the inside of the product will stick knots and thread, such a thing is unlikely to bring comfort to its owner. So either use it or not double-sided embroidery, seal after use underside interlining. While the first option is clearly more appropriate. The second issue is that the gown - it does not outline and holes crosses on it there. This means that if you have decided to decorate it with the help of cross stitch, it is useful to you glue the markup for embroidery water soluble fleece or a similar outline, which after use can be easily dissolved and embroidery thus remains where there should be.

Female version

To create a special robe with a nominal embroidery for ladies, pick up the letters with different schemes monograms or vegetable elements. For example, letters with floral sprigs.
Each letter in the alphabet has a sizesixty to sixty-crosses. Twigs and flowers contours surrounding the letters are made using weld "back needle". It uses only three colors with alternating red, black and white.

Alphabet with handmade little things asYour sure to complement any gown seamstress. In the diagram, there are both letters and just small elements that can further decorate signature. Each letter of the scheme takes a square with sides at twenty-five cells. In this paper we used almost thirty colors of cotton yarn company DMS. Basic embroidery, according to the scheme made a cross. But in addition it is also used bekstich and French knots.

Male version

For the men's coats using a schemaconcise font. Without any floral curls. As a rule, it is clearly defined elements that are running in one color. But this does not mean that they must be ordinary and uninteresting. For example, consider the Russian alphabet chart in the Chinese style. For each letter used only two colors. Embroider they cross thread in two additions. Judging by the key, attached to the scheme, you can use a string of five different manufacturers. To embroider the more interesting letters can be replaced by color threads on a gold and silver metallic. These shades are very advantageous to look at the dark male models. Bathrobe with embroidery of this kind will surely enjoy its owner.

In addition, with their hands on the embroidery donatedProduct adds to it a special warmth. Note also the fact of the diagram background image, which is performed in the half-cross one thread and it can also be used for decorating products.

Children option

Named robe certainly will please both babyand a teenager. To sew a robe, use the scheme for children alphabets. For example, letters with funny sheep will appeal to the youngest holders cozy robe.
Each letter in this scheme is the size of thirtythe thirty cells. According to the proposed key, creating a gown with embroidery and using the data of the letter, you will need to sixteen colors. Work is carried out with a cross. Also, the three colors of thread floss beksticha need to perform, which is quite a lot. The key scheme offers three options for manufacturers of thread colors.

If you do not like a foreign alphabet, then youYou may well pick up these letters of the Russian alphabet, decorated in a similar style. Or you can use a normal font and supplement it with tiny elements on child-related issues. The main thing in embroidery for the child is the brightness, and the use of familiar things for the baby or the characters.

As an alternative, fun colorful letters on yeartheme. This alphabet is carried out with a cross. stitch "back needle" is used for more precise boundaries. In this study involved about ten colors. Cotton Yarn.