Roof of discs with their own hands

Roof of discs with their own hands

What to do with old CD / DVD discs and withmore antique vinyl records? In addition to useless warehousing, dumping to a landfill or small crafts made of disks, a large number of obsolete media can be used in a truly large-scale project - the roof of the discs with their own hands! the roof of the discs with their own hands

Where can I make a roof of disks

Such a coating method is suitable for any roof ofwood or other material to which you can nail the discs or wood panel with the already attached discs. Of course, for residential premises it is better to use professional roofing materials, but for such structures as barns, gazebos, outbuildings or canopies above the entrance, such cheap, water-repellent clothes that, in addition, is made of waste rubbish and rubbish. Instead of discs, you can use vinyl records, if, of course, you find such a large number. roof of old vinyl records Still, disks are now easier to find than vinylsplates, so we'll talk about the roof of CD-disks. In order to reliably lay the discs on 1 square meter of surface, using this method, you need 120 disks. And the existing holes in them will overlap with neighboring ones, so moisture will not leak, but freely flow down. Like this: way of laying CD discs for the roof

The roof of the disks - the course of work

In each disc you need to drill a small hole for nails or screws, here: hole hole To speed up the process, you can try drillingnot one by one, but several at once, while firmly securing the entire stack, so that the holes are everywhere in one place. Next, you should consider the future appearance and pattern of your roof. You can lay the discs face up or purl (pearly) side up. Some advantages of shiny pearlescent side up: reflection of ultraviolet rays, which will contribute to a longer operation of the coating, and also slightly cool the space under the roof. On the other hand, such a tile can be too annoying to neighbors, by letting sunbeams through the windows. You can use not only monochrome, but also multi-colored discs, laying out a certain pattern, pattern or inscription. discs laid by the front and the underside Discs can be nailed with a suitablesize or screwed with screws, using a screwdriver. To have a series of disks arranged on a straight line, it will be convenient to draw straight lines with a pencil or charcoal. disc laying process It is necessary to start from the bottom of the roof and then lay the discs according to the scheme shown above. Make sure that the holes of the disc overlap each other. stacking discs like tiles This way in about an hour you canCover one square meter of the panel with tiles from unnecessary disks. The author of the idea tested the roof in conditions of rain and summer hot sun, in autumn the original roofing was in fine form.