Room for a boy (12-16 years old) teenager: 5 rules and 15 design ideas

Room for a boy (12-16 years old) teenager: 5 rules and 15 design ideas

With growing up in children more and morethe need for a personal space and a personal children's room, and this is especially pronounced in adolescence from 14 to 16 years. Of course, in order to achieve this, and to make the interior of the boy's room functional, and the design practical and not expensive, parents need to try. Let us analyze the ideas of design and practical advice of how to equip the modern room of a teenager boy. The content of the article:

The design rules for a teenager's room 12-14 years

  • You must let the boy make his room the way he wants. You need to understand that this is his territory, and there he should feel comfortable.
  • The atmosphere of the room should inspire him to newideas and accomplishments, because it is here that he can make his first school research project, or write the first verse, pick up the first melody. All this has a huge impact on the future life.
  • In his room, he must understand that this is the place where he can be himself, then he will not have to look for such a place somewhere else.
  • Choose together with him the design of the room and think over the furniture.
  • You can give advice, discuss the pros and cons, while listening to his opinion, and realizing that the last word in this matter lies with him.
  • There are many different options for the design and design of rooms for boys. Here we collected the most interesting ideas and sorted them into groups.

    Room decoration and style

    Vinyl stickers In adolescencehobbies and tastes are quite changeable, therefore, views on the design of a room can change. Vinyl stickers on the walls are good because they can be removed when the drawing gets bored, and changed to new ones, more appropriate to the taste. If you use paint, then to change the picture will have to do repairs, but with stickers everything is much easier and cheaper. You can choose some interesting inscription, pattern, or drawing. For example, something that reflects adolescent hobbies. Design that emphasizes interest in sportsfrom adolescent boys he enjoys sports and various modern youth activities. Someone loves to play football and does not miss a single match of their favorite team, someone has the same situation with basketball or volleyball, boxing or swimming, etc. Many boys like to ride skateboards, bicycles, or dream to try their hand at surfing. If a teenager likes sports, so why not display it in the design of his room? The following design options can be divided into three groups:

  • Sports decorations are simply decoratively displayed (for example, appropriate drawings on the walls, or posters with your favorite athletes).
  • Suggest how to store sports equipmentfor easy access (for example, skateboard shelves, or surfboards on the walls). Sometimes it is difficult to find such a place in the closet for storing things like a skateboard, so that at the same time you don’t have to go to the uppermost shelf, standing on a chair to reach it.
  • TIP: Special shelves make it possible to instantly take a skateboard and go skiing, and when it is on the ledge, it looks like a decorative element. This method of storage and decoration is also very relevant for the bike, on the hanging pins on the wall, it will not disturb anyone and serve as a kind of installation.

    • They give you the opportunity to practice (for example, hanging basketball rings, or punching bags).
    • With this option, the teenager will have the opportunity to train and improve their skills in sports right in his room.

    Of course, this is not possible with all sports,after all, swimming in a room cannot be trained at all, but it works perfectly with basketball (therefore, we took many photos of the sports design of the room from this sport). Rings can be attached directly to a wall or to a closet, and decorative elements can be in the form of drawings, photographs and vinyl stickers on the walls, as well as markings on the floor, or even chandelier-balls. Pay attention to the next room: it is small, but here fit a basketball hoop, punching bag and rope wall. A wonderful room option for an active teenager boy. Design, taking into account the boy's hobby Your son -comic fan? Or maybe he enjoys music and wants to be a rock star? Or wants to explore the depths of the sea? Any passion for the child can be used to design his room, and in such a room he will definitely feel “at ease”. Paint the walls with his favorite characters.comics, or attach them to musical instruments and posters with your favorite groups. So you show a teenager that you share his interests and support him. Neutral design If a teenager cannot decide on the design of his room, and he does not have any particular preferences, then a room in neutral colors will be a good choice. TIP: Many boys like minimalism and simplicity, so this is, in general, a fairly versatile option. If desired, you can easily add additional decorations in the form of paintings or photographs, shelves, etc. Photos This can be photos of idolsteenager, nature, or displaying important moments for him. The latter are particularly relevant, because photos with friends and family will constantly remind the child that he has people who love and support him. And it's just nice to look at different happy moments. There are many ways to hang pictures: in frames, with magnets on a special metal panel, take a photo of drying on the ropes, etc.

    Room zoning

    Of course, not only design plays an important role.the room as well and its convenience. What exactly should be in each room? If you list the main, then it is: a bed, a wardrobe, and a desk. Of course, it’s good if there is still a chair (or pillow bag), where you can sit, relax, and read, and also to leave some free space. Let's consider in order, what are the requirements for each of the main areas of the room Bed What should it be: double or single, or two-story, or maybe fit a folding sofa? All options are possible, there is only one main condition: the mattress on the bed should be of high quality and comfortable, so that the teenager’s spine does not bend during sleep. And if we talk about the size of the bed, then you need to choose it based on the size of the room.

    • The following photos are examples of rooms withsingle bed. In a small room it is just a necessity to save a place, and in a large room many teenagers prefer such a bed, because they quite have enough of it to sleep, and it is also easier and faster to make and spread it.

    Now a few examples with a double bed:

    • A bunk bed can be with one or twosleeping places. In the first embodiment, one bed on the second floor is combined with a closet or work space on the first floor. This is very convenient for small rooms, of course, provided that the teenager likes to sleep on top.

    • The option with two beds is suitable as forrooms where two teenagers live, and for one, so that he has the opportunity from time to time to bring friends to visit, and they could stay overnight.

    Also, if you need an option with an additionala berth for guests, it is possible to put a sliding or folding bed. If necessary, it quickly appears, and just as quickly disappears, and yet it does not reduce the area of ​​the room. Wardrobe Again, quite a lot of possible options:

    • a large wardrobe (for example, a wardrobe up to the ceiling),
    • open shelves, a bed with storage space
    • or walls.

    Often used a combination of several options. For example, the following two photos in the rooms haveand a large closet, and additional drawers under the bed (and on the first photo there are also open shelves for notebooks and books). To store books, open shelves are the most convenient option, because you can easily and quickly find the right book. Then you can see some wonderfulbed options with extra storage space. They are made so that at the same time we also get a built-in bedside table, on which you can put a desk lamp, a glass of water, an alarm clock and other necessary things. And they are very beautiful, is not it? The wall option allows you to leave a lotfree space in the middle of the room, giving the teenager the necessary free space. In such a room, you can, for example, calmly do the exercises without clutching the cabinets. To store things that a teenager plans to wear (for example, he has prepared clothes for the evening in which he goes to school the next day) you can use small open hangers: Workplace Every teenager, coming fromschool, you need to do homework. Take care of an equal posture and good vision of your child and make for him a desk that will be properly selected and positioned. In this case, attention should be paid to two factors:

    • table lighting
    • and matching the height of the table and chair.

    The table should stand in a well-lit part of the room, preferably near the window, but if there is no such possibility, then compensate for this with a good desk lamp. It is best to put a chair with an adjustable seat and backrest so that you can perfectly adjust it to the height of the boy. The size of the table should be enough so that with the notebooks and textbooks laid out on it, there is room for writing. Here are two examples of a workplace near a window: Here are two examples of where tables stand against a wall: And finally, once again I want to remind you thatthat it is important for a teenager to be able to express themselves. He likes to draw? Give him this opportunity in his room! Maybe he wants to paint the walls, and maybe modernize an old chest of drawers, the main thing is the embodiment of his creative desires. Some boys have a teenage is relatively calm, and for some it is different by rebellious behavior. Remember that this is such an age, and that it will pass, but the child will always remember whether you supported him at this time or not. Of course, this is a very broad concept, and it is not limited to allowing the room to be the way it wants, but this is one of the details necessary to achieve mutual understanding, and it is important to fulfill it.