Room for a teenager girl (12-16 years): design, photo and 30 ideas

Room for a teenager girl (12-16 years): design, photo and 30 ideas

The teenage age of 12-16 years is a periodbecoming a person's personality. Therefore, it is very important to give the teenager the opportunity to grow and develop in an environment that will help him feel comfortable and at ease. Here we have selected ideas for the design of rooms and its individual parts that will help create the perfect room for a teenage girl. A teenage girl's room should inspire her for new ideas, work on homework, and also give the opportunity to have a good rest and spend time with her friends. The content of the article:

Room design rules

  • The main thing that needs to be remembered when setting up a girl’s room is her personal territory, and she has the right to choose the design she likes.
  • You can recommend something, say your opinion, but not impose it.
  • Even if the colors chosen by the teenager or some elements of the decor seem absurd to you, remember that this is not your room.

Indeed, during this period it is very important to feel that your opinion is valued and respected, and you have the right to express yourself.

Princess room

Many who believe that the girl’s room shouldbe in pink colors. Of course, it is not. The color scheme can be very diverse, depending on what colors the girl loves. Pink need to make a room only if this color is really a favorite and the girl will be comfortable in this setting. In this case, you can make a real princess room, with a large bed and lush curtains, where there will also be a huge mirror. Princess room styles can be achieved withusing other colors, such as beige. Lush furniture, curtains and the rest of the decor remain the same as in the above pink version, just now they will be in a different color scheme. Remember that in the room is not only its externalview, and convenience. For example, the mattress on the bed should be of very high quality, because during this period the spine and posture are formed, and sleep has a great influence on it. For the same reason, pay attention to the workplace environment: matching the height of the chair and the table, its illumination. If in some moments you have to choose between convenience and design, then consider in detail all the pros and cons.

Room with furniture - wall

Now consider a more practical option. Rooms with furniture - the wall is very comfortable and functional. Here, space is used with maximum benefit, which is especially well suited for small spaces, as well as for teenagers who love the orderliness of things. The following two options wonderfully display a room with the correct arrangement of furniture, where the workplace is perfectly lit. There are cases when it is not convenient to put a table nearwindows, but then there should be good artificial lighting. In general, the issue of room planning should be treated rather scrupulously, thinking through various possible nuances. The following two options are the with different wallpaper options on the walls. As you can see, they are colored, but not too bright. Slightly muted colors allow you to relax and not distract attention. In the first bed and shelves are in the same nichetherefore, the impression is of a wall. Near the other wall of the room is a wardrobe up to the ceiling itself, which allows you to leave enough free space in the middle of the room. In the second version, there are many drawers for storing things under the bed and on the side of the bed, and a shelf above the bed. Also notice how the bed and the desk are connected.

Room with double bed

Bed width - an individual choice of eachperson If the room is large - you can easily put a double bed, if small, then you should consider the option with a single bed or a sofa bed. After all, in a small area a double bed will greatly reduce the free space. So consider this question when planning. A room with a single bed If betweenWith a double bed and an extra bed, you chose the latter, then this has its advantages: the girl will have a place to charge, dance, or a pajama party with her friends. You can also put a single bed, a compromise between the two options.

Room for two girls

If there are two girls in the family and there is no room in the housetwo separate rooms, then plan one room so that each girl has her own place, and they both feel comfortable together. The room should have two beds and two workplaces, and a wardrobe divided into two identical parts. If two beds do not cause questions, then the importance of separate workplaces is sometimes ignored, making one which the girls take up in turns. But it is better to have two small, but separate tables in order not to violate personal space and not to give an extra reason for quarrels. In such a room is more acute question of spacefor storage, so the best option would be beds with extra space for things, wardrobes to the ceiling, etc. furniture must be compact and functional. You can put two separate single beds,or one two-story. The last option helps to keep the room space, and many children and teenagers like to sleep on the second floor. Also on the beds you can make the curtains, giving girls the opportunity to isolate themselves if desired, and be alone with them.

Room with extra bed

In adolescence, girls like sometimesspend the night at girlfriends. Or so they came to visit them. To have the opportunity to invite girlfriends in herself, in the room you can put an additional folding couch or chair. Basically, they will be used as a seat, and when guests arrive, they will quickly turn into a bed. Be, in the room you can put an extra floor. Water for quarrels. di. le cod

Room decoration

Room decoration is a creative process.which manifests the identity of a teenager. There are many different decorations, but mostly they are divided into those that need to be considered during the repair, and those that can be thought of later. Pictures and similar decorations can be changed as many times as you like, but the color of the walls should be chosen deliberately, for this is quite a long time. Bright wall: painted or photo wallpaper You can make one bright wall, for example, glue wallpaper or paint it. In this way it is important that only one wall was bright, otherwise the room would be too colorful. For more, see the big stuff. Shelves Shelves can serve not onlyadditional space for storing books or various decorative items, but also to act as a room decoration. To do this, make the shelves of some original form, or paint them in a bright color. Convenient and beautiful! And the shelves do not have to belarge, it can be just a few separate small cells. Pictures or photos Probably the most popular way to decorate walls. This option is convenient in that the pictures can be changed as soon as such a desire arises. Also here can be attributed to a variety of murals and other decorations that are hung on the wall. Interesting scenery Here, in fact, you caninclude anything: unusual wall decorations, chandeliers, mirrors, etc. If a girl likes to make some products with her own hands, then this is also a wonderful way to make a room beautiful and original.

Dividing a room for a girl into zones

Here we will separately consider several zoneswho should be in the teenage girl's room. Workplace The schoolchildren spend a lot of time sitting at the desk in class, but at home they again need to sit down at the table and do their homework. Since the spine and posture are formed during adolescence, it is important to choose the right height of the table and chair so that the child sits correctly:

  • It is better to put a chair with adjustable seat height and backrest.
  • The table should be large enough to have enough space for notebooks with textbooks and the correct position of the hands when writing.

Another very important point islighting. Many people have vision, precisely because of the illumination of the workplace. It is best to put a table near the window, if this is not possible - compensate for this with a good desk lamp with a properly selected brightness lamp. The last advice on the arrangement of the workplace is notis related to the physical health of the child, but affects his psychological state, mood, and therefore, the desire to learn and complete tasks. This refers to the appearance of the workplace. It should not be too bright and variegated, but it cannot be made gloomy either, because despondency is not the best incentive to learn. On the wall near the table you can hang beautiful pictures or photos, put a small plant next to it, pick up original supports for pencils and office, etc. Sleeper in the nurserythe importance of a quality mattress, so that the spine is in the correct position during sleep, and that sleep is sound and healthy. In addition to the mattress, pay attention to the pillows: their fillers and size. The bed can be either single or double to choose a teenager. Near the bed you can put:

  • a small night stand, it is convenient to put a glass of water on it, an alarm clock,
  • and other small things you might need.
  • You can also put a lamp (how to do - a lesson here), if the girl likes to read before bedtime.

We also recommend setting the following rule: the workplace is separated from the place of sleep. This means that a teenager should not take a laptop or textbooks to bed (an exception is to watch a movie, for example). Firstly, if you sit at a laptop or textbooks on the bed, you get an incorrect posture, and secondly, the bed will not be a complete resting place. Regarding the design, pick up beautiful bedding not irritating the eyes of flowers, so that the girl can calm down before bedtime. and the blanket is a matter of the girl’s taste.

Padded stools and pillows on the floor

Very comfortable and stylish thing in the room.teenagers are floor cushions and ottomans on which to sit or lie down. We think your child will accurately evaluate this idea! How to sew or knit ottoman themselves - in this article Clothes for the girl Teenage age forMany girls have a period of experimentation in dress styles. The main thing in the wardrobe - the ability to hang and put all the things in a convenient manner.

  • This may be a wardrobe,
  • or open shelves.

It is desirable that the girl had her ownthe cupboard and all things were in one place, and not part of the things in the closet in the parents' room, part at home, and part somewhere else. You can do - options and detailed lessons on the link!

  • You can make beautiful decorative boxes with dividers for clothes and socks, also this option is suitable for scarves.
  • There are various options for storing shoes: in boxes, drawers, or on shelves.
  • As an option, for storing some things you can use the cases, which will simultaneously serve as a seat near the bed.

read here! And yet, every girl has boxes with differentcute and expensive things: jewelry, pebbles from the sea, postcards, etc. Most often they are stored in small caskets or boxes, and these are only her things that you should not take without asking. Of course, the rest of the things also do not need to be taken without demand, but these especially. Floor hangers-racks Also any girl in12-14 years old will be delighted with the rack hangers. This will help her to prepare clothes for school since the morning. Such a stand can make a mom or dad of pipes, a detailed lesson - Fitting room with a mirror. Maybe a word.The “fitting room” sounds a bit loud, because most of the undergrowths are not that big rooms. But here it means that in every girl's room there should be a big mirror. She should be able to die outfit and see how she looks in it, whether she likes it or not. If the mirror is only in the shared bathroom, then do not complain later that it is often busy. how