Roses made from satin ribbons are made by own hands

Roses made from satin ribbons are made by own hands


To modern needlewomen, for a long time it is pleasant allDo with their own hands, especially they liked the satin ribbons and flowers from them. This is understandable, because these miniature flowers, namely roses from ribbons, will delight everyone. They can be made by themselves, but at the same time, without spending much time and money. Roses from satin ribbons decorate everything that is surrounded by them. It can be, as clothes, and hairpins, and also celebratory packing for a gift. In general, roses from satin ribbons, this is a universal decoration that will dilute your life.
In order to make such a sweet little thing, it is not necessary to be an experienced master, it can be done by one's own hands, even a novice amateur needlework.
Our master class (mk) for beginners, will tellYou, how to make beautiful roses from satin ribbons. A photo and video, help to consolidate the lessons of skill. Let's start learning how to make roses from satin ribbons with our own hands.

Required inventory

Our lessons will be almost the same, soAnd the material will need basically the same. A distinctive feature, only will be the color scheme. To hold a master class, we need such accessories:

  • Pink ribbon, preferably satin;
  • sharp scissors;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Lighter or matches, with their help, we will burn the flower, so that it does not start to dissolve;
  • Pencil, ruler and paper, they will help us in creating the sketch;
  • glue;
  • felt.

Rose kanzashi

To create a rose Kansas, we need a pink ribbon, the length of ninety centimeters and a width of 6.5 cm. We begin the lessons of Kansas:

  • We need a pink ribbon, which we fold along along two halves, the wrong side, should be inside;
  • Make a marking on one side of the tape, preferably to do this at a certain angle of 45 degrees;
  • Do not cut the thread, but continue the marking to the very end;
  • Pull the string, so that you have a pink ribbon, went out as an accordion;
  • In order to form a rosebud, wrap the corner, sewing it several times;
  • Now, it remains only to twist the circle of the budOur assembled satin ribbon of Kansas. During such manipulations, be extremely careful, correct the central part of our work, and fixing its turns. Only then, the rose of Kanzash and its assembly, will look beautiful and attractive.

Do not forget to make a seam, as close as possible to the center.
After your rose is made of satin ribbons,Almost ready, fasten it again with small stitches. Now you are convinced that the rose Kanzashi, suitable for beginners, who can easily make it with their own hands.
Our first master class, safely finished, move on to the next. If you have not understood enough about this matter, you can view the current photos and videos in order to consolidate these lessons.
At the stocky masters, always in the bins you canFind the remnants of unused ribbons, beads and threads. This is a good habit, it will play into your hands. Since, even from the remnants of material and ribbons, you can do beautiful things Kanzashi, with your own hands. Let's try, step by step, to repeat our lessons.

Make a rose from the remaining ribbons

Before you start the master class (μ),Determine how many and what scraps you have left. Since, a piece of tape, should not be less than ten centimeters. If it is less, then the rose will not turn out magnificent. The shade of roses from ribbons, of course it is better to make a delicate color, and the pink ribbon is best suited.
We are going to repeat this master-class, so:

  • We begin with the fact that the pink ribbon is taken and the bud is formed. We do this so that the end of the ribbon is bent and prikolov pin, sewn thread;
  • The other end, step by step, do exactly the same as the first;
  • We begin to make petals. The rules for their formation are exactly the same as in the bud. Only in this case, we do not sew by thread, but make stitches along the entire length;
  • Pull the ribbon and wrap it around the rosebud, we have the first tier of petals;
  • In the same way, we make the rest of the petals, fixing them at the base.

And this stage we have overcome. And for those who do not fully understand our lessons, we recommend viewing photos and videos on our portal.
And finally, our final master-class, in which we will learn how to make satin roses for a bouquet.

Roses for a wedding bouquet

First, we need to do the main part. For this, we need a felt. On it, we will draw a circle of 6-10 cm. We cut a circle with scissors, and in it we delete a small piece.

We start, spread the satin ribbon. Bend it, the wrong side inward, to form a square. Need to sew in the center of the thread. Hold the cone with one hand and hold the other end of the tape and place it on the base, bending at 90 degrees. You must have a square and a triangle on it. Hold the triangle with your hand, and do the same manipulations. Depending on what you have chosen, the number of such movements will continue.
After you can make several such colors, we proceed to the formation of a bouquet, and it is done this way:

  • For the handle of the bouquet, we need a few pencils connected together with a satin ribbon;
  • To them, with the help of glue, attach a ball of foam or a lump of paper wrapped with tape. On it, we fasten our roses, decorating them with pearls;
  • We have a beautiful wedding bouquet, which will look great in the hands of the bride, as in the photo.

Our lessons for beginners are not so complicated asIt seems. We hope that the master class offered by us fell in love with you. We offer you, watch an interesting video, and the photo can be seen on our website.

Video: Kanzashi Flowers