Rowan beads with your hands photos and video tutorial

Rowan beads with your hands photos and video tutorial


Rowan beads that each of us canlearn how to make your own hands can be as decoration and talisman for the home. Rowan tree in ancient times it was believed by the people wonderful tool that fights against evil forces and protects them from home and people. The house has been present at many winter mountain ash that hung over the front door, by the bed, or adorned in a vase on the table. This tradition is still alive in our days. Even if there is no opportunity to get a sprig of mountain ash, then hang it on the wall of photos.
Rowan is also a symbol of intelligence and wisdom,protection from witchcraft and magic. Some ancients erected to the rank of rowan tree of life. With the development of crafts, mountain ash tree learned handicrafts from various auxiliary materials, embroider and weave beads. Weave rowan beads with your hands can be learned from the master class, photo and video material available on the open spaces of our site. Rowan beads decorate any home or office, give them a special charm and beauty, and also shield them from a variety of troubles and evil.

Master-class weaving winter rowan beads

As Rowan woven from beads, can be sorted out,studying a master class, and try to repeat it with their own hands. Very well, when available in weave diagram, photo and video materials. Winter rowan beads made of the following materials:

  • Beads №11 (the colors red and green);
  • Wire 0,2mm;
  • Thick wire, aluminum or copper (2mm diameter), 15-20 cm;
  • Brown thread winding stem branches.
  • Winter mountain ash consists of twigs with green leaves and red berries. Driving weaving rowan is as follows:
    We produce rowan leaves of green beads. They are complex, each consisting of 9 individual leaves. Each of the small leaves runs parallel technique of weaving. Driving weaving individual small leaves:

    • first row - one bead;
    • second row - two beads;
    • third row - two beads;
    • fourth row - two beads;
    • fifth row - one bead.

    wire length for a single leafIt corresponds to 25cm. For a more clear understanding of this technique, it is desirable to have available a photo, or a master class. As we have already noted, for each compound leaf trees such as rowan winter, it takes nine simple leaves. When they are ready, you need to collect your own hands one large composite sheet. Three separate sheet are joined at the base by twisting the wire. After that, you need to give the correct form of a leaf. The central sheet is directed vertically upwards and the other two at a right angle thereto.

    And now we add the next leaf ona few millimeters below the previous ones, also screwing wire to the petiole. Devotees leaf direction parallel to the previous row. Fifth leaf next to fasten the fourth, following the weaving scheme, direct it to the opposite side, at a right angle to the petiole. To facilitate the work can bend the wire at a right angle to the leaf. Then applying to the leaf petiole, and skip the previous sheet exactly in the middle of the fold wires fifth leaf. Now fasten the wire to the fifth leaf petiole. In the same way to tie four leaf. As a result, we have one large compound leaf consisting of 9 individual leaves. The more of these large leaves we will do with their hands, the more beautiful and lush get our tree, winter mountain ash.

    Grapes rowan next stage of our work willIt lies in the manufacture of bunches of rowan, or berries. To do this, we will need a red beads. We begin with the gathering of small clusters. For each of them take a long wire 60 cm:

  • Nanizhite one red bead, and will push it to 10-12 cm from one end of the wire. Then twist the two halves of the wire at a distance of 1.5 cm from the beads;
  • Stringing a second bead and place it at a distance of 2 cm from the first twist;
  • Twist the two ends of the wire. Start twisting beads and below until the end of the first stranding;
  • This operation needs to be done up to 10 times, picking up one bead;
  • Twisting together two ends of the wire, forming a whole bunch;
  • One big bunch should consist of three small, one of which we have already learned to do;
  • We connect the wires from the three small bunches, getting one big bunch.

  • We need to make about 7 large bunches of rowan,that the tree looked good. The next operation is to wind all the wire sections brown thread over the entire length. Then, connect the branches with leaves a bunch, also twisting method. Then below their connection screwed another big leaf of a mountain ash. In the end, we get 7 large branches, where a bunch of berries there, and two large sheets of the complex. Our master class coming to an end. We can finally pull together and complement the work of, and rowan winter ready. As the main trunk can apply any rigid wire with a diameter of 2 mm, or, in extreme cases, a wooden stick.

    Putting rowan beads
    The final stage of the manufacture of beadswood, called winter mountain ash, is to connect together all the parts of it. This connection is done already familiar to us a way of weaving.
    Drag in one complex at the end of a twig thickwire, it will be the top of the tree. This is done using a free piece of wire, with the subsequent connection points obkruchivaniem brown thread. As we make the accession of all the other branches, with just wrapping the trunk with brown thread. Twigs must be placed circumferentially at a small distance from each other. At the end of the need to consolidate and streamline the thread ends of the wire. So our winter rowan ready. It remains only to install it in a pot, and spread all of its branches and clusters of berries.

    Weave autumn rowan

    So, we have learned the skill of executionBead tree rowan winter. But I would like to complete the picture, touch on another subject, to tell you about another beautiful tree, which is autumn rowan, Aronia. Such a tree, made of beads, a distinctive splendor and uniqueness. In addition, the implementation technique also distinctive. If you look at a photo chokeberry, then immediately see the difference from the winter mountain ash. And now we'll hold a small master class on making a mountain ash autumn chokeberry. For work, we need:

  • Beads mixed different colors (150 gr.zheltogo 100 gr.oranzhevogo, 50g and 50g red green);
  • Black beads for berries, 80 grams. For a small cluster requires 18 beads and wire one meter and one large bunch will consist of three small;
  • Scissors;
  • Copper wire 3mm (but you can use the color);
  • Flor tape;
  • To create a branch wire of different diameters.

  • So, we start to work. Take the wire 1 meter, and sharpen one end with scissors. Now we start typing on the wire beads from the box, where we pre-mixed. Set manufacture, making forward movement of the wire back and forth. It is placed on the wire beads. For the first leaf you need to dial 40 beaded stuff. When recruited enough, leave 15 cm of wire in a free state, and then twist the two ends under the beads, forming a loop. She will be the first leaf.
    We continue to gain in beads on the wirethe amount of 30 pieces, which are needed for the next leaf. Then repeat the process, and perform scrolling tabs (second leaf). Scrolling commit a few millimeters (about 5). The third leaf is performed in the same manner and is disposed adjacent to the second. The number of beads is also equal to 30. When the completed weaving the first three leaves, we got a tip of the compound leaf of mountain ash, and we need a method of twisting the wire proplesti one centimeter down.
    Continuing to weave loops, leaves, remember thatThe following will be larger. And, accordingly, each of them will need more beads. The following two parallel leaf must contain 40 beads each. Beads can not count, enough to make sure that the leaf size was a little bit more. Likewise the following two leaf propletaem slightly increasing their size relative to the previous two. We do not recommend counting the exact number of beads in the eyelets, as it will not be visible in the total composition. It is possible to form the leaves of the eye about. We all loan that the nature of leaf sizes to vary the trees. In a complex and large piece may be as many from 7 to 9 composite leaves small loops.

    From the previously mentioned amount of mixed beadswe get about a hundred of such complex large-leaf sprigs. Upon completion of this phase of work, we need to make our branches are larger, connecting them three together. We do this with the help of wires, because we still have free ends on each sheet of a large complex. With their help and make our connection. When joining leaves twigs, we should have approximately 30 such complex branches. Work on the leaves and branches of rowan over, move on to the weaving clusters.
    It will also need to take a long wiremeter for a small bunch. On one such wire strung 16-17 black beads. Each bead is a separate fix and propletaem down the wire at 1, 5 cm. This operation make with all of our beads. When all the beads propleteny, you must connect, and twist the ends of our meter wire. So we got a little bunch. To our grapes have been nicer and bigger, joined together by three small clusters. Again propletaem risers, connecting them together. After completing the formation of clusters and leaves of mountain ash, proceed to their connection. Intertwining one bunch and one compound leaf.
    Now we need to start forminglarge branches. We take our harvested thick wire, and primatyvaem her turn our leaves, using a tape floras. Fasten the leaves to the wire turns, gradually sinking lower. The total number of large, complex branches should be about ten, if we used all the prepared beads, wire and beads. Of these ten branches can make a gorgeous bouquet, putting them in a vase or form of them rowanberry tree by connecting all the branches using a thick wire, which will serve as a trunk.

    Video: chokeberry Bead

    So, our work on the production of rowan trees from beads, finished. You can enjoy them at home, or give to friends.

    Video: how to weave an autumn mountain ash