Rumboks for dolls: a master class. A photo. Video. Ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Rumboks for dolls: a master class. A photo. Video. Ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

On the question, what is a rumbo, not at allthere is an answer. Someone, however, can say: "Ah, I know! This is a house for dolls "- and will be only partially right. This is most likely a fragment of the house, a separate room or even part of the room. The name comes from two English words "room" and "box", which means "room" and "box", and if you put both words together, we get a "box", a room in a box. Rumboks was invented as an economy- version of the doll house. It is known that the house requires huge efforts from its creator in the design of several rooms and various ancillary rooms, external roofing, drainpipes, front door and other are also needed. So much to do! Work can drag on for many months, and even years. And there, you see, and the children will grow up, for which everything was started. And another question, partly philosophical. Is it a toy or a hobby? Both. For kids, of course, a toy, which must be treated extremely carefully and together with adults to participate in its creation with their own hands. Well, and a hobby, no doubt. In the Internet, a lot of enthusiastic people represent their master class, for whom, regardless of age, it is a real pleasure to make a room for popular characters Barbie and Monster High, fill it with miniature objects, each of which is the result creative and rationalization of thought.


How do I make a dollball box? Since this is a showcase without a front wall, a box is needed to make it. Strict rules, as in the case of the doll house, are not worked out, but those for whom the production of the rumbo box is a hobby, try to adhere to the ratio of 1:12 or 1: 8, which means that the doll room is made for Barbie growing from 9 to 12 centimeters (in first case) or from 15 to 17 centimeters (in the second case). Doll box for dollsPossible and options other than the traditionalbox: the body from an unnecessary antediluvian radio, a round cookie jar, some intricate packaging from a gift. Everything that you like, if only there was a possibility to cut out a part of the lateral wall, will do. Sometimes the frame of a toy is created by oneself, in this case thin plywood, thick foam cardboard or hardboard (one of the types of wood-fiber board) will be needed instead of the box. Doll box for dollsOther necessary materials:

  • ceramoplast,
  • plastic,
  • laminate (thickness 5 - 7 mm),
  • tree,
  • cardboard (including corrugated),
  • paper,
  • wallpaper with a small pattern,
  • building scotch,
  • Glue for different jobs ("Moment-carpenter", wallpaper, PVA),
  • varnish,
  • paints (gouache, acrylic),
  • markers.

Doll box for dolls


What tools to use, eachsolves itself depending on what is more familiar to him, because people, who already know how to make something with their own hands, are usually taken for a cause. Certainly you will need:

  • electric jigsaw,
  • scissors,
  • glue gun,
  • a hammer,
  • sandpaper,
  • measuring instruments.

Doll box for dolls

Operating procedure

Like any building, a doll roombegins with the drawings. They should be very accurate, not "by eye", since you will work with very small details, and nowhere should there be inconsistencies and distortions. If the box is cut from thin plywood, you need (according to the drawings) to cut three walls, internal partitions ( if provided), sex. Openings for doors and windows cut out very carefully, for starters, drill small holes at the corners of the future window or door. Many like to use a non-glue way to join the walls, but a pin-groove (on the Internet there must be a master class on this topic). The parts are held securely, lend themselves to disassembly-assembly. And in the process of work, for convenience, you can "bait" the details and joints with construction tape. If you own a molding, easily makesome objects of dishes, a pot of geraniums. If you have the skills of an electrician, you will be able to make sure that the lightbox illuminates the light bulb in the doll's floor lamp.

Useful tips and ideas

You can make not only a doll room, but any, at your discretion, part of the interior. For example, the kitchen is the favorite place for many in the house. Why do not you make a rumbo-kitchen? Doll box for dollsThere is a variant of thematic rumbles, this is whenthe author sets a goal to recreate a specific historical stage, easily recognizable by various attributes - furniture, technical equipment. Such a gizmo can become an ornament of your large apartment, it can be placed on a shelf and surprise guests and relatives. Take maximum imagination regarding the materials used. Some authors ask friends to bring them any little things, from which you can create something original - hands on dishes, "food", furniture, books, toys. The more you will have like-minded people and assistants, the more interesting the result will be.