Embroidery samplers in training lessons (photo)

Embroidery samplers in training lessons (photo)


Sooner or later, each skilled worker facesDesire to master a new kind of needlework or new technique. At the moment, according to statistics, every fourth woman is engaged in needlework. Someone likes to weave from beads, someone to knit, and someone likes embroidery. It is embroidery that will be devoted to our article today.
There are many different types of embroidery, today we will talk about the technique of embroidery sampler. In order to understand what technology is being performed this work, we will analyze what is a sampler?
Samplers in embroidery are a kind of motto orWish and the opportunity to demonstrate the level of his skill in embroidering. Embroidered in this way, the products are perfectly suited as a gift to various memorable anniversaries, holidays and events.
Tip: When embroidery is only planned it is important to determine the motive of the sampler and try to find its description. More experienced needlewomen can make a scheme of work themselves.

What does a sampler look like today?

At this point, the sampler is aEmbroidered on the canvas image in which the middle of the main picture, and along the perimeter of the edges are smaller drawings that are directly related to the meaning of the main picture.
Tip: Select images at the edges that will match the center image. Threads used for embroidery should fit the interior of the house.
Embroidery of the edging of the picture requires its executionBy alternating stitch blocks. To design a picture, use a graph paper. When you are convinced that the fringing and drawings are focused and fit, you need to transfer each drawing to a graph paper.
Tip: For embroidery, you can use a simple graph paper or canvas. Although the fabric stretched on the frame embroidery will look much more spectacular.

Instructions for embroidery sampler

Choose a fabric for embroidery

In order to embroider a sampler, you must use a cotton or linen cloth, in which the threads will be intertwined evenly.
Cloth of linen "Aida"
Fabric of this kind has a special dressingCanvas, in which you can clearly see the squares with the help of which it is easy to calculate the thread. Weaving this fabric allows you to easily enter the needle, because it has small holes.
How to properly hold a needle when doing embroidery
Stitches, when there is cross stitching, is performed only in one square, and the needle should be to the canvas in an upright position.
How to make a single cross
One type of embroidery sampler is techniqueDrawing drawings with a stitch. A cross can be obtained by making two diagonal stitches performed in the same sequence throughout the work. The beginning will be a stitch made from the left edge to the right, and then the stitch diagonally from right to left.
How to embroider a pattern on a material with an even number of threads
According to the technique of cross-stitching,Not only on what structure is used as a material, but also on the even and odd number of threads. In this lesson we will learn how to start embroidering on this technology, and how many threads to use.

  • The first thing to do is to thread the needle. It is necessary to take the number of threads that is half that which will be used for embroidery;
  • The needle should be inserted from the front side into the fabric, at the point where the threads intersect and form the left corner in the square;
  • When the embroidery pattern is made on the fabric "Aida" with an even number of threads need to thread the needle into the front side of the thread;
  • Next, you need to pull the thread and pull it out of the needle;
  • Then you need to thread the needle in bothEnds, so that the thread turns out to be double, and fix it on the canvas. When a sampler is embroidered on an Aida material with an even number of threads, it is necessary to thread the threads with both ends into a needle;
  • Next, you need to start embroidering the bottom stitch diagonally in the intended square of the fabric.
  • Embroidery sampler with odd-numbered strings
    In the course of this lesson we will tell you how to learn how to sew a sampler with a cross with an odd number of threads or one addition. For this you need:

  • The first thing to do is to thread theNeedle, then make a stitch from the right side to the left, with the needle to be held under both vertical threads of the square on the canvas and then from the bottom of the square to the top under two strands that are in a horizontal position in the next square of the fabric;
  • The same stitches must be made on three more squares of fabric;
  • The next step is to make a hole in the upper left square and hold it through the right bottom hole;
  • Tighten the thread so that its beginning was hidden under the thread of the first square, and execute the lower stitch diagonally.
  • Embroidery of a sampler on the material "Aida"

  • The first row should be done from the left edge of the square to the right, with the needle pointing downwards with a pointed end;
  • The second row should be done from the left side to the right, but the needle with the sharp side should be directed upwards;
  • When the last stitch in the second row is executed, the needle will need to be rotated to make the next row;
  • According to the scheme, the entire desired section of tissueYou need to embroider in the same pattern. When the desired piece of fabric is embroidered, it is necessary to embroider a diagonal upper stitch from the right side to the left last of the already embroidered rows;
  • To proceed to the next row, you need to unfold the needle after the last stitch is made.
  • Fixing the thread at the end of the embroidery
    When the work on embroidery is coming to the end, you need to insert a needle from the front side and draw the thread under the last embroidered stitches. Then cut off the rest of the thread.

    How to read a diagram with an embroidery sampler

    Color scheme for embroidery samplerWhen embroideredSuch work must be followed exactly by the instructions or the scheme. Usually a diagram in which it is indicated how these works are embroidered shows the number of squares necessary for embroidery in a certain color. The squares in this scheme are usually separated by a certain color.
    If the scheme for which you plan to embroiderSamplers color, read it is necessary as follows. When samplers are embroidered in color, then according to the figure on the diagram, the figure itself is embroidered in squares. Each color has its own designation and it is this designation that is displayed on the diagram.
    Usually a color scheme, when samplers are embroidered,Basically means only small parts of the drawings. When a large pattern is embroidered, it is usually divided into small parts in order to conveniently distribute the colors.
    If the scheme, in which you want to embroider a drawing in black and white, then each square in it is indicated by a certain symbol. A particular symbol indicates a specific color and is indicated on the diagram.
    Also, for convenience of using the diagrams, the stitching stitches are indicated by the bold line. And the symbols indicated next to the diagram are marked with thread, what color should be embroidered.

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