Scarf yoke: several knitting options and pattern patterns

Scarf yoke: several knitting options and pattern patterns


Recently,To use such an autumn-winter accessory as a scarf-yoke. And this is not surprising, because such a scarf not only perfectly protects against cold weather, but also perfectly complements the image of a modern woman.
There are many different waysAllowing you to make an original and stylish scarf-yoke with knitting needles. But, today we together with you will consider the most interesting master classes with detailed descriptions and simple diagrams.

Knitting a scarf with your own hands

Some abbreviations will be used in the course of the work, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in advance:

  • Loops - n;
  • ranks - p .;
  • Piece - piece;
  • purl - PHI .;
  • facial - persons.

So, if you want to create an ordinary scarf-yoke you will need:

  • Woolen yarn;
  • Knitting needles.

This model of scarf-yoke is considered the most simple andEven a needlewoman who could hold a knitting needle quite recently will be able to bind it. To start knitting, you must first carefully read the description, as well as make a small sample to determine the density of the knitted product.

The scarf is knitted with an elastic band. If you decide to use a regular rubber band, then the total number of typed loops should be even, and to create a picture called
Gain a point, the total number of which is a multiple of 4.
When knitting this model of a scarf-yoke, remember that the loops must be free. To create the cloth 1, the loop in 1 rim is tied and the latter is removed.
All external loops are removed with a so-called cast, and the rest are knit with the rear. At the end of the work, knitting closes. That is, 2 items are executed together and the first is not removed.

Model of a product for an experienced needlewoman

Linking a monophonic scarf-yoke with a simple patternYou will certainly want to try to create a more exclusive and interesting model of this warm and indispensable accessory. Therefore, now we suggest that you study the description of the technique of knitting a scarf-yoke decorated with braids. For work you will need:

  • 500 g of wool yarn;
  • Spokes numbered 7 - circular and stocking;
  • Hook number 6.

Getting Started:

  • Dial 126 points and connect the circular knitting needles;
  • Distribute the loops: 9 for garter stitch, 33 for braids, 9 more for braids. For garter stitch and for pattern - 33 p;
  • Without changing the scheme, knit up to 14 rubles;
  • In the 14 r. During garter stitching 5 and 6 pt., Tie together, forming 1 purl;
  • As a result, the total number of items should be exactly 123 pieces;
  • By this simple scheme, the formation of the knitted fabric continues up to 108 r;
  • Then the garter stitch is again knitted with two backspaces;
  • Without changing the scheme of actions, we sew 112, 116, and also 118 rubles;
  • The number of loops is reduced to 108 pcs .;
  • Reaching 120 p. Loops must be closed;
  • We tie a scarf crochet. The first row is performed with a column without a crochet, and the second row is a "step by step".

A stylish and warm scarf-yoke using a simple pattern is ready!
Video: Snood with a braid pattern

Multi-colored scarf with own hands

A plain scarf is collar-studded, this is of courseStylish, but a bit boring. Therefore, today's master class we want to complete the description of the technique of creating the same bright as the photo of the scarf-clamp, associated with the use of threads of 5 different colors.
In the photo it is clear that the scarf was veryBright colorful. And the colors in it smoothly flow, as if complementing each other. This unusual combination allows you to revive the boring autumn wardrobe and add bright "notes" to it. If you want to tie a multi-colored scarf-yoke you need to prepare in advance:

  • Knitting needles (circular);
  • 5 globules of multi-colored wool yarn - each 100 grams.

Due to the fact that you need to knit in 2 threads from each glomerulus, you need to form 2 new coils. Unlike the previous work in this model, the pattern should be rather dense, but elastic.

Let's start creating a scarf-yoke:

  • Dial 60 p .;
  • Remove 1 st., Without tying;
  • Then knit according to the following scheme: alternate faces. And out. Until the series ends. At the end, complete 1 rel. P.;
  • All ryadochki knot in staggered order in accordance with the description. That is, so that the front is always the purl and vice versa;
  • The first color is to form approximately 15 cm of knitted fabric. After that, one thread is cut off, and the next color is added to the second;
  • Threads of two colors are tied by about 7 cm;
  • Further the same color scheme is added;
  • The length of the knitted fabric should be approximately 120 cm;
  • At the end of work, it is necessary to close the unit, and carefully sew the ends of the product.

Such a bright and unusual yoke can becomeA wonderful gift for the birthday or the New Year. And you can donate a scarf in the form of a yoke not only to a woman, but also to a man. To do this, simply connect the clamp in a dark color scheme.
Video: Scarf from several colors of yarn

Schemes of patterns for a scarf-yoke