Schemes of embroidery zigugu cross: master class (photo)

Schemes of embroidery zigugu cross: master class (photo)


Embroidery zigugu, is an odd job,Which is somewhat like a pillow in the style of "Biscorm". The common thing about them is that in both cases they are used as a stand for sewing needles. Gets a zigugu from the squares of the canvas, on which are embroidered various patterns in the technique of the cross. We suggest you study the scheme of embroidery zigugu based on the proposed master class with step-by-step photos.

How is the Zygung performed?

First of all, before starting work, get all the materials that will be useful in the process:

  • Pattern scheme;
  • Several canvas cuts. Note that the size of the material should be twice as large as the pillow itself;
  • Thread floss of several colors. For this craft, red, black, blue and white are used.

The embroidery scheme of the zigugu is represented with an imageRussian traditional ornaments. First, embroider the contours in the backstick technique, and then go to the drawing itself. In this case, you will be much more comfortable to distinguish between the borders of embroidery. For those who do not have the difficulty of such embroidery, you can start work not from the edges, but immediately from the main pattern. Since this scheme is designed for beginner needlewomen, you can, quickly enough to cope with this stage of work.

The obligatory component for zigugu isLoop, decorated with fringe. But it is done in the event that you do not use the product as a stand under a needle, but simply as a souvenir or decoration.
Take a few pieces of string of mulina. To make it more convenient for you to work with them, attach one end of the threads to a dense cardboard and attach it with a large paper clip. Now, string a simple lace in the technique that you know. In the end, the edges of the lace are fixed with threads to avoid further spreading. If you do not have cardboard, you can attach the string with a pin to a large cushion or to a piece of fabric.
Fringe is made even easier. Wrap a few colored threads on a piece of cardboard. For not having cardboard, use a ruler. Cut the material from one side and make a loop on the other side. To the edges of the mulina were smooth and looked aesthetically pleasing, cut them with scissors.

The most basic process is the correct assembly
Zigugu. Secure the created loop in the top corner of the workpiece. Then sew the two sides, as shown in the photo. In this embroidery there is a contour of red color, on which it is necessary to wrap the corners of the mini pillow. The contours should be bent into the inner part. If it suits you, straighten all sides of the zigugu immediately.

Then sew the next side. In this case, you can fill the pad with any filler that you have. It can be cotton wool, sintepon or other material. Some needlewomen insert any material into the interior of the product when the fourth corner turn comes.
Sew the fourth edge to the third and fix the fringe on the opposite side of the loop. The last seam is the penultimate stage of work on embroidery zigugu.

When you wore stitches, stretchThe main material under the backyard. The canvas is used only to fix the thread at the very beginning of the stitch and at the end of the stitch. Or you do it in a place where the thread needs to be changed.

If you want to give an elegant zigugu embroideryLook, then add the beads, which will match the color. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of schemes, according to which the original zigugu are embroidered. Such a sweet work, will not be an ordinary souvenir for your close people. Moreover, it can be used not only for its intended purpose, but as it pleases.

Schemes of embroidery zigugu