Diagram and overview of the cross stitch "Lilac Evening"

Diagram and overview of the cross stitch "Lilac Evening"


Continuing the theme of embroidery in the technique of the cross,We suggest you to study the process of embroidering a wonderful set of "Lilac Evening". This picture with the image of a beautiful woman in a hat with flowers will not leave anyone indifferent.

Embroidery of a beautiful painting

This work has quite impressive dimensions. Its scale is thirty by forty centimeters. The kit includes the following materials:

  • Scheme with a key;
  • canvas;
  • The threads of the mulina are represented by sixteen shades;
  • Satin ribbons in a quantity of five pieces;
  • Decorative material for decorating hats;
  • Two needles;
  • instructions.

Cross stitch scheme "Lilac Evening"Is presented in color, so for beginners it will be a little difficult to embroider in the technique of the cross. Usually embroidered areas are usually marked with a pencil, but on a color picture it will not be noticeable. Use a colored pen in this case. But it can also merge in some places, so it is necessary to be extremely attentive.

In the package you will find threads of a floss that are alreadyAre twisted separately. For convenience, we recommend you fasten a pin to each hole near the key, on which the thread with the corresponding color will be located. Thanks to a small amount of mulina, you can very quickly figure it out. The main material consists of six thin strings. In embroidery use mainly three, that is, you will need to separate the mulina every time. In the set "Lilac Evening" there are strands of excellent quality produced in Germany. They are not torn during the cross-stitch, but lie flat and smooth. Due to this, the crosses are very neat and fit tightly to each other.

The canvas at No. 14 is also produced inGermany. It has cells of a fairly large scale. From the number of the canvas depends the width of the cells, the higher it is, the smaller the cells in it. On small cells it is very difficult to embroider a cross. In this set, matter is not white, as usual, but light beige. Also in the box you will find two needles. One is designed directly for embroidering in the technique of the cross, and the other is necessary for sewing decorative material onto the cap.

One of the most convenient embroidery optionsIt is considered to work with the middle of the canvas. Embroider from the center gradually passing to the edges. Some needlewomen start the work process from any corner. This is how anyone is comfortable. You need to be extremely careful, since the embroidery is performed by a counting cross. But in the end you will see what beauty you will get.

When you successfully complete the embroidery pattern"Lilac evening", it will be necessary to decorate the bonnet with decorative material, which is presented in the set in the form of satin ribbons, beads and beads. But before that, we recommend washing the canvas in cool water, then dry it and iron it. Since the beads and beads are very easy to sew, you can only have problems when sewing ribbons. Carefully study the instruction, which is also presented in the kit. On it you can easily perform flowers from satin ribbons.

Such embroidery as "Lilac Evening" is beautifulDecorate any interior of an apartment or house. It will be especially pleasant to receive this product as a gift, as the work itself looks beautiful and luxurious. Thanks to this, it seems that you have moved in time and are in the salon of the twentieth year of the nineteenth century. Calm and gentle tone of embroidery can give your mood of contemplative emotions. A significant role is played by decorative elements, they make the whole image truly admirable. We recommend that you insert the product in a vintage frame to support the spirit of the past era.

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