Schemes describing the knitting pattern "Goose paws"

Schemes describing the knitting pattern "Goose paws"


The knitting planet is extremely versatile,And includes many techniques and schemes of needlework. This is a light splendor of openwork patterns, cozy and simple relief drawings, consisting only of facial loops (LP) and back loops (IP). In addition, there are still very elastic stretch gum, beautiful braids and strands, which belong to the category of three-dimensional reliefs with spokes. This lesson will be devoted to this kind of ornamentation, that is, to volume patterns. There are many varieties of such drawings, which are mainly used for knitting dense and warm winter things. In this master class, we will talk about such a figure, whose name sounds like "Goosebumps."

Goose-foot pattern lets you createThe linen is very thick and dense, which is most used to make dense men's and women's sweaters, as well as warm children's suits, such as this one, in the photo.

Now you have to study the materials of the video of the master class, in which there is a diagram and a description of this voluminous and dense pattern "Goosebumps", understandable for beginners.

Video knitting pattern of the pattern "Goosebumps"

For knitting a sample of the motive, goose paws will be typedThe number of loops (P), a multiple of four, adding here three units for balance, and two edge (P). Repeating the pattern consists of four loops. We will dial eight units, and add five more pieces, that is, only thirteen points. In the first row (P), after removing the edge loop, it is necessary to link three PIs and one LP. These n are the first rapport of the pattern. Then you have to repeat all the actions again. The last three П of the series are fulfilled as IP. In the next line of work, after the edge line, one PI is executed, after which one of the P must be made three. For this purpose, the spoke is inserted between the P, pulling the first of this gap, then the wrap is made. The third П is executed front behind the back wall. Now we knit a unit as an IP, and continue on. We perform two PIs, then one P, three, and the last PI. After that, the same second rapport is performed. In the third, P first follows the LP for the posterior wall, then the three PIs. In the third row, we will get not two but four rapports, because earlier we added the number of units. In the fourth face P perform the first two P together, behind the front wall. Then follows LP, and two together facial behind the back wall. The last П will be purl. Then repeat the same thing again, and finish the series. This was the last P vertical rapport, after which the pattern of the spokes "Goosebumps" is repeated from the first R.

Pattern for knitting "Openwork crow's feet"

We present to your attention the following patternKnitting needles. Its name sounds the same as the previous one, that is, "Goose's Paws", but it is knitted with spokes using an openwork element. Such a relief is not suitable for men's things, but it looks great on women's sweaters and blouses.

We knit jacquard "Goose paws"

For fans of a variety of Jacquard knittingThe motive of the Goose's paws, which is knitted in the jacquard technique, is proposed. It differs radically from the previous relief Geese's legs, because it has no volume, but is executed with different shades of yarn, like any other jacquard pattern. This magnificent ornament was invented by the great Frenchwoman Coco Chanel, and since that time a considerable amount of time has passed. But even now we can meet knitted things, which are connected in our time just with this ornament.

Since the time of magnificent Coco, this jacquard pattern has been used to make many kinds of women's clothing, and even accessories, such as handbags.
In most cases, Goose paws in this technique are made with knitting needles made of black and white yarn. But this is not at all a rule, because you can use any colors.

In the blue and emerald colors, this ornament looks a little different, having its own individuality and flavor. Another recommended combination is shades of brown and chocolate color.

Video instruction on knitting classic goose paws

This video shows the knitting pattern GoosePaws in the style of Coco Chanel. This pattern came to us from Scotland. Today it is used by famous fashion designers for several decades. The video shows knitting with black and white thread, but you can use any other color combination. Repeating the pattern is four P horizontally, and four rows vertically. The drawing is performed only with the help of LP. To knit a pattern, you need to follow the pattern that is present in the lesson, and is designed specifically for this classic ornament. The work is done with threads from two coils of different colors. At the same time, depending on the scheme, one thread of white, then black coil, is tied.