Screen of pipes with own hands

Screen of pipes with own hands

Screen is a very simple and affordable wayzoning space. In addition to the division of the room, screens of certain structures can serve as a mirror, a storage system, an exhibition space for paintings and photographs, and can also become a visual center of the room. Today, with the example of the designer divider of the Casa Ideal space from Sunindusa, we suggest to see how to make a screen from the pipes yourself. screen of pipes with your own hands To get such a screen of pipes with your own hands, you need:

  • six meters or more of PVC pipes, preferably of different diameters (3-4 types);
  • saw for metal;
  • Adhesive suitable for gluing PVC surfaces.

If you have the opportunity to cut pipes intomachine in the building supermarket when buying - be sure to use it. Think in advance the width of your screen, but at least 5 cm. In another case, you will have to saw the pipes yourself. For this, measure and mark on the pipe every 5 cm (or more). Fix the pipe in a vice and cut the metal pieces with a metal saw. When you cut all the pieces, you need to make their edges smooth and smooth. For this purpose, the iron is perfect. Heat it to the maximum temperature and iron the slices of the pipes through baking paper. After each approach, peel off the paper from the slices, otherwise it will be difficult to do. screen of pipes with your own hands Proceed to glue the resulting rings. First lay the pipes on the floor the way you want to see the finished screen. If you use rings of different diameters, lay out the composition with large rings, and fill the space between them with small ones. The pattern of the screen can be symmetrical or the rings can be arranged in a random order. In doing so, think over the edges of the screen. If it is assumed that the screen of the pipes will be adjacent to the wall - make the edge smooth. In the opposite case, the edge may have a curved shape. screen of pipes with your own hands After you have decided on the design of the screen,start to glue the rings together. To do this, carefully glue the joints of the rings with glue or liquid nails. Do not overdo it, remove the excess immediately with a cloth. After the glue dries, the screen can be painted in any color with a spray-paint. If you want the rings to be colored - paint them before gluing. The finished screen of pipes can be fixed to the wall or be completely mobile, on a stand with wheels. In the rings you can store bottles, folded magazines and newspapers, things. screen of pipes with your own hands The contact grill is an apparatus on which you canquickly preheat or roast foods from all sides. This feature of the press grill allows you to use it in fast food restaurants, especially when there is a large flow of customers. On the grill you can warm up sandwiches and toast, bake meat or fish for a short period of time. A wide range of grills for professional use at