Screens for heating batteries in the interior

Screens for heating batteries in the interior

Despite the huge selection of heating appliances,in most of the new apartment buildings install the batteries of the standard model, and what can we say about the old apartments with Soviet batteries "accordion". Not always there is an opportunity and expediency to change batteries on more modern, and appearance of old can not be entered in an interior after repair. In this case, we recommend that you pay attention to the screens for the heating batteries. wooden screens for heating batteries under the window Screens (gratings) for radiators in the interiorperform not only a decorative function, hiding ugly and cumbersome heating appliances, but also can protect children or animals. This is especially true in families with young children who have just started walking, as well as in children's institutions, polyclinics, gyms, where the presence of screens is mandatory. The danger for the baby is not only the hot surface of the radiator, but also the corners (ribs), because accidental impact on them can lead to serious injury. In apartments, decorative screens for radiators play, in the main, an aesthetic role, especially if cast-iron batteries are installed at home. With proper selection, the screens can also direct the flow of warm air in the desired direction, which will significantly increase the efficiency of heating the room.

How to choose screens for heating batteries

When choosing a grille for a radiator, it is important to be guided by such criteria:

  • The screen should not degrade heat exchange;
  • the adjustment valves must be freely accessible;
  • The screen should be removed quickly and easily in the event of an accident;
  • If there is any doubt about the reliability of the radiator attachment, choose a light grille model.

Types of decorative screens

By design, screens can be divided into the following groups:

  • Flat screen that covers only the front of the battery;
  • a hinged screen without a cover or with a lid;
  • The hinged screen is a box that covers the radiator from all sides.

If the battery is not built into the niche and protrudeswall, it is better to choose the screen in the form of a box or purchase hinged screens, with or without a lid. The latter, unlike the box, look more easily and do not clutter up space. hinged screens for heating batteries without a cover Hinged screens with a lid or box can also beUse as an original cradle or stand, especially in the summer. In the heating season, do not force the lid with objects to prevent the warm air from rising, nor to provoke the heating of standing objects, especially if they are made of plastic. screens for heating batteries from HDF In case the radiator is already recessed in a niche underwindow, then a flat panel, both hinged and mobile, on the legs, is suitable. Such an easy design perfectly copes with decorative functions and does not occupy a useful area. zvenye glass screens for heating batteries According to the material of manufacture screens are:

  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • combined (VLA and metal, HDF and glass, wood and metal, etc.)

Metal screens for heating batteries

Metal grilles for batteries are made fromaluminum or steel plate with perforations. Perforation can be made both in the form of ordinary mesh, and in the form of openwork patterns and ornaments, which gives the screen a special style and chic. As a rule, a standard metal screen has a low cost, but the price of stainless steel models with non-standard perforation can reach considerable sums. Metal grilles have excellent heat dissipation, they are easy to install and easy to clean, they can easily be wiped with a damp cloth and even washed under a stream of running water, they do not deform from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and do not change color. metal forged screens for heating batteries The metal grilles fit well into the interior instyle minimalism, hi-tech, flax or industrial, that is, in rooms where there are metal decor and accents. Otherwise, steel gratings will be disharmonized with the surrounding environment. metal screen for a battery with large perforations metal screens for batteries 07

Wooden grilles for radiators

Such screens are perfect for any type ofbatteries. Decorative grilles are made from natural wood of different breeds, from oak or beech to valuable and expensive varieties. Especially popular are the lattices of rattan - dried stems of tropical liana. Carved patterns, the ability to cover the wood with lacquer-colored materials allow creating unique screens for batteries. The main advantages of wooden screens can be called good heat transfer, natural materials and environmental safety, aesthetic appearance that will fit organically into almost any interior with wooden furniture and accessories, from classics to avant-garde styles. But it is worthwhile to know that wooden gratings have a higher cost than metal grills, and also require careful care by special means for wood and may deform with time. wooden screens for heating batteries with thread wooden grill for battery wooden grilles for radiators in the interior

Screens from MDF and HDF, combined

MDF and HDF are sheet materials of medium (MDF -Middle Density Fiberboard) or high (HDF - High Density Fiberboard) density, which is made by pressing small wood fibers under pressure and heating. Compared to wood, this is a cheaper option. As a rule, a box is made of sheets, and the screen itself is made of a wooden or rattan net. It is important to remember that if the stack is tight and has few holes, then the heat transfer will suffer, so with due consideration, refer to the selection of the mesh screen material. In the same category can be attributed combinations of different materials: a box of wood, and a grid of rattan or glass, a box of acrylic glass, and a grid of metal and so on. combined screens for heating batteries - wooden box with metal mesh hinged screen of wood with a lid and a glass insert Screen for battery made of MDF with bamboo grid

Glass screens for batteries

Glass screens are relatively rarely usedin the interior, although they have great decorative features. Such a screen can become an exquisite accessory, a strong accent in the interior and a unique element of decor. Screens are made of tempered glass not more than 8 mm thick. Special treatment of glass makes it resistant to damage and scratches, and the corners are rounded and safe. Nevertheless, in families with active small children it makes sense to use wooden or metal grilles. The screen of glass can be cleaned with any means for washing windows. It has good heat exchange, but in some cases this criterion may be inferior to models from other materials and with perforations. Glass screens are made, as a rule, in the form of solid panels. The cost of stained glass panels is high, although there is a more budget option - acrylic glass. But the glass screens amaze with a variety of decorative design. Numerous techniques of working with glass allow creating unique images, patterns, stained glass and texture, from photo printing to film stained glass. Glass screens for heating batteries with photo printing glass screen for heating battery Glass screens for heating batteries with image

Plastic grilles for radiators

Plastic screens are the cheapest of all kinds,but also the most insecure. Under the influence of high temperature low-grade plastic can release harmful substances into the air, produce an unpleasant odor and deform. And, as a rule, plastic screens do not differ in the variety of decorative design. So if there is no money for a quality screen of safe materials, it is best to leave the battery in the clear. plastic screens for heating batteries in the interior When choosing screens for heating batteries, be sure topay attention to the manufacturer, certification and compliance with standards. Do not pay attention only to external parameters, because the safety and health of the family is more important than how the screen fits the color of the walls or floor. By the way, we recommend you to choose a good and high quality floor covering in the online store The choice of linoleum, carpet, sports and wooden flooring will pleasantly surprise you. We hope that our brief review will help you determine the screen for the battery. And for now a few photos of different types of screens in the interior: wooden grilles on the radiator wooden screens for batteries 02 wooden screen for a radiator in the interior wooden screen for radiators in the children's room metal grill for battery metal screens for batteries 02 metal screens for batteries in the interior metal screens for batteries bugle polish hinged screen for battery carved wooden screen on the radiator glass screens for heating batteries screen - battery box in the nursery screen in the form of a box for the battery screen for MDF battery with wooden mesh screen for battery of wood in the nursery screen for batteries from MDF metal screens for batteries 03 metal screens for batteries 04 glass screen for radiator screen for battery of glass acrylic glass screen with perforations a screen made of MDF with a metallic golden grid screen of MDF with a mesh insert in the nursery Screen on the battery in the form of a box in the interior of the living room bright screen for battery in the bedroom glossy acrylic glass screen with perforation