The secret to creating hair quickly with a scythe

The secret to creating hair quickly with a scythe

Every girl wants to be attractive anddiffer from their peers at least something. Why not work on your hair? A beautiful and elegant hairstyle to school with your own hands is the first step to popularity. You do not need to spend huge sums on a hike to the stylist, so that he will choose a hairstyle for the type of person and the style of the girl. It is quite possible to make everything most faster and cheaper. Moreover, a professional hairstyle may not be suitable. Scythe - maiden beauty Among the variety of options for school hairstyles, an honorable place is occupied by scythes. They are suitable for any type of face. Even if the hair is thin and devoid of volume - a small nap and a skillfully braided braid will help to forget about it. Types of braids that you can weave yourself

  • The openwork braid is one of the most popular inpresent time braid. It is very elegant, but at the same time a simple hairstyle that can be made on its own. At the heart of the lace is an ordinary braid of three strands. It should not be tight, on the contrary, a bit loose. At the end of the process of weaving, it is necessary to stretch uniform hair bands in several places, but not to the end. Fix with varnish.

Stylish hairstyles with a scythe for schoolgirls. Photo №1

  • Spit "Waterfall" - very beautiful and romanticA hairstyle that allows you to look chic both in everyday life and at any school event. Despite the apparent complexity, this is an easy and fast hairstyle. "Waterfall" has similar features with openwork braids, since it has the same free cells. Strands can be very diverse in form and thickness. Such a scythe of his temple is woven from any convenient side in the usual technique. The only feature: the role of the third strand with a periodicity will perform a lock on the top.
  • "Flying braid" - to perform this hairstyleIt is necessary to separate two identical strands in the region of the temples. Of these, weave standard braids, which then connect to the tail or make one common braid.
  • A bundle of braids is a very good option forschool evening. Doing it is extremely easy. On the right, a small strand of hair is left, which is braided into a tight braid. Of the remaining hair, a bundle is made, the base of which is adorned with this scythe. There is also another option to create this hairstyle to school with your own hands. Weave hair from the middle of the head to a few braids and build an improvised bunch out of them.

A little imagination, patience and self-improvement - and a beautiful styling will delight you all day.