The secrets of making toy lisun. We do it by our own hands. In this there is nothing complicated.

The secrets of making toy lisun. We do it by our own hands. In this there is nothing complicated.

An interesting toy for children, lizun-own hands. Photo №1 Lizun is for many children a favorite toy. Of course, it's very easy to buy a lick, but if you do it yourself, then the toy will bring more pleasure! So, how to create a lizuna at home? Now we'll find out. To create a lizard we need:

  • adhesive PVC,
  • borax (sodium tetraborate) or a 4% solution called Borax
  • dye (you can take ordinary gouache),
  • stick for mixing ingredients,
  • a convenient jar for mixing,
  • absorbent cloth,
  • small package
  • measuring spoon.

Bura (sodium tetraborate) or 4% solution forthe name of Borax you need to purchase at the pharmacy in advance. The rest of the ingredients can be purchased at a stationery store. If there are no problems with the necessary items to create the lizun, and you have prepared everything you need, then you can proceed directly to the creative process. First, shake the glue, fill it with a container. The more you take the glue, the more the result will be the lizun itself. Just do not overdo it - two hundred grams will be enough. Now add the color you like to the glue, mix it well. It is not necessary to add a lot of dye, otherwise the created toy will be very dirty. You can mix 2-3 colors, then you get this interesting lizun. Interesting lizun turn transparent, withoutdye, but it is desirable to add a little sparkles or mother-of-pearl. So it will look like "alive." The next step is to add a Borax or Borax solution. Add this component slowly, keeping the right proportion. One bottle is added to one hundred grams of PVC glue. Adding Borax, constantly mix the mass with a wooden stick. Make sure that the lime is not too liquid. Now carefully move the lizard tonapkin - it should absorb the remnants of moisture. Remove the toy into a pre-cooked small bag, knead it for five minutes. Then it is advisable to place it in a cool place for several hours. Keep lizuna in a jar, tightly closing it. That's all - that's how it was just to create a lizune at home!