To independently embroider a sofa cushion with a bunny, you can take one of the schemes

To independently embroider a sofa cushion with a bunny, you can take one of the schemes

Pillow with bunny, embroidery scheme for sofacushions with this image are offered in the range, they will become an excellent decoration of the children's room and will please the baby. The work is not difficult. Even beginner needlewomen easily cope with the task. Sofa cushions have always been in fashion, no matter what their design performance. Especially attractive are embroidered pillows. The embroidery technique can be any, but today we are talking about the cross-stitch embroidery pattern. The drawing can be used at your discretion. To date, various computer programs are offered to help masters, allowing you to transfer the drawing from your computer to the canvas. The program automatically divides the image into squares with numbers that correspond to a certain thread color. Therefore, it is not necessary to select the threads yourself. Pillow with a bunny, embroidered cushion embroidery schemes see below in the photo, embroidered the same way as pillows with any other pattern. For this we need:

  • canvas (the ideal option will be a fabric type Aila, as in this case it is possible to choose stitches, the density of which will fit directly under the image);
  • threads for work on embroidering the pillow can beUse on your own - wool, silk, mulina, acrylic. The main thing is that they should be of good quality (so that they do not shed during washing), otherwise, in the future, the whole product will be spoiled;
  • needle and embroidery frame.

Pillow with bunny, embroidered cushions. Photo №1 Pillow with bunny, embroidered cushions. Photo # 2 Pillow with bunny, embroidered cushions. Picture №3 We begin the process of embroidery. In many schemes, arrows show where to start work to achieve the most optimal result. If the shooter is not there, the craftsman decides which side to start with making stitches, but ideally we should start from the center of the field. Important. All crosses must be carried out strictly in one direction. Only in this case the drawing will turn out to be beautiful and without unnecessary spaces (baldness). If you start sewing in different directions, embroidery will turn out clumsy and aesthetically unattractive. To our rabbit turned out beautiful, without flaws, nodules should not appear in the process of work. All threads must be secured from the back (the wrong side) of the product with just a few stitches. After finishing the work on the image of the bunny and embroidering the general background, the canvas should be cut off around the perimeter. At the same time, on all sides from the embroidery it is necessary to leave five centimeters (allowances). The embroidered fabric is stretched and ironed. Let's proceed to the cutting of the back of our pillow. It should be cut exactly according to the standards that the front side. Then all the details are sewn on three sides. The last side is not sewn. This is done so that you can insert a zipper. It is best to make such a cover in the form of a pillowcase. Thus, it is easier to remove for washing. The pillow itself should consist of a synthetic cover and, accordingly, stuffing material, for which you can take almost everything: from down or feathers to cotton wool, silicone, sintepon. The filler you can choose the one that suits you best. Pillow with a little rabbit, embroidered cushion embroidery schemes are simple and accessible, made with a cross, will be a wonderful gift for your child. Pillow with bunny, embroidered cushions. Photo №4