Good advice and advice on how to make a haircut for yourself as quickly as possible.

Good advice and advice on how to make a haircut for yourself as quickly as possible.

How to quickly make a beautiful hairstyle to yourself,when time is catastrophically short. Sometimes it happens that in the morning we realize that we have overslept and start to do everything in a hurry. In such a hurry, there is hardly time to put your hair in the right way. But you want or need to look dignified. However, in our publication, we want to offer you simple and easy hairstyle for five minutes, which can be done in a situation where time is sorely lacking. They are performed very easily and quickly and will not take much time. The fastest hairstyles. Photo №1

Quick hairstyles in the form of tails

There are hairstyles for fiveminutes, which, in principle, can be performed and much faster. If you have long or medium hair, you can make an ordinary tail. Nevertheless, this is a rather "boring" option. But even the tail can be decorated with beautiful accessories so that it will have a completely different look. Alternatively, you can perform the popular among the fairer sex in this season, the so-called ponytail, instead of gum wrapped around his base with a string of his own hair. But no matter how fast this option is, it does not suit everyone. So think about the fact that you can make two ponytails on the back of the head or on the crown, depending on the situation. The fastest hairstyles. Photo # 2 And for those women who still want a fewdistinguish themselves in five minutes, you can perform a laying, which you can call the tail, on the contrary. To make such an inverted tail, first tie an ordinary tail, but do not tighten the elastic band to the end of the head. Pull it a few centimeters from the base of the tail, and divide the hair in the gap gum into two equal parts. In the resulting hole, draw the end of the tail, as if turning it. So you will have an original shell, the creation of which, as you can see, will not take a long time.

Quick packing with your own hands in the form of simple weaving

If you do not have much time, but too muchwant to have an attractive appearance, try to perform a simple weaving in the form of a braid. But that she did not look trite, start weaving on top of the head, continuing to lower the braid on the side. To your hair did not break up, attach the braid in a hurry invisible and fix it with lacquer. Ideally, of course, it would be better to produce this weaving in the form of a spikelet, but for the lack of time, the usual pigtail will do, which can be performed much faster. And if you fix it well, it will last for you during the day. And if you have a nice hairpins with pearls or original hairpins at your fingertips, then this hairdress can become even festive, and its execution will only take five minutes. Actually, this is the most advantageous option, if you are planning, say, a party, and you do not have time to go to the beauty salon. The fastest hairstyles. Picture №3

Beams in combination with braids

Hairstyles for five minutes to myself in the homeconditions can be quickly made in the form of bundles. This is known to all women, whose hair length allows you to arrange a bunch. But to diversify a simple bundle, it can be performed in combination with braids. If there is no time, use the following option to quickly create such a haircut: - from the neck to the nape, start weaving small spikelets; - further collect all hair and tie a tail; - using an ordinary hairdressing sponge from foam rubber, insert your tail into it and scroll around it, pressing the "donut" of the sponge to the base of the head. As a result, you should have a beautiful semicircular beam, which should be attached to the base with the help of hairpins or invisible. If desired, decorate your hair with any accessories that you like. The fastest hairstyles. Photo №4

Loose hair as an option for quick hair

If you have long hair, then you alwaysYou have the opportunity, without making difficult lay-ups, to go to work simply with loose locks. Of course, if you have the time, you can wind hair on curlers or curls and lay out curly curls afterwards as you like. But if there is absolutely no time, you can use, for example, a rim. Picking up a beautiful bezel, in the morning you can just gently comb your hair and put on a bezel. Similarly, you can apply and beautiful bandages or scarves. And if the hair is naturally curly or curly, they can be decorated with a beautiful three-dimensional barrette - and your hair is ready. The fastest hairstyles. Photo №5

Light negligence for two minutes on short haircuts

Those women who chose this fashionseason short haircuts, the rapid styling at home in general, you should not worry. The only nuance - you always have at hand a suitable means for styling hair - foam, gel or wax. Getting up in the morning to work, just apply a little money on your hair and tousle the strands with your own hands, randomly guiding them in different directions. So you will create a slight negligence that remains relevant and coming winter season 2016. This option will be appropriate for all types of fashion haircuts for short hair, whether cascade, quads, beans or pixies. Actually, in this case you have all chances to be stylish and fashionable in only a few minutes. The fastest hairstyles. Photo №6 So, dear ladies, we figured out that even inthe most incredible rush, we have all the chances to look great, giving up our image only a few minutes of time. At the same time, do not forget that accessories can come to the aid, which should always be at hand.