Sew a textile cat, or lovers of cats is dedicated ... / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Sew a textile cat, or lovers of cats is dedicated ... / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

"Cats" theme, probably one of the mostloved by skilled needlewomen. After all, it's hard to find a more elegant and charismatic nature than a cat. That is why the mustachioed striped ones often inspire their talented hosts for handicraft feats. Today we will continue this glorious tradition and make a textile cat with our own hands. And not even one, but the whole company. It's only in the song that the cat walks by itself. Our textile cats will appear in front of the public in a large and friendly company.

Ladies First!

KittyWe present to your attention the charmingkitty kitty, which opens a cat master class. Kind, gentle, with a very mild character, the baby will be made of soft fabric - white fleece. And since she is also fun, we will try to make her own paws with her own hands, so that Kitty can play with her friends. And for this we will need:

  • paper pattern;
  • fleece or white velor for calf;
  • a piece of cloth for the dress and, if desired, for the lining;
  • pieces of pink and lilac felt for shoes;
  • a fragment of the office folder for insertions in the legs and shoes;
  • Synthesis as packing;
  • black buttons or a piece of black felt (for the eyes);
  • yellow felt or self-hardening mass for molding (to make a spout);
  • a wooden spool from the thread;
  • thread, needle;
  • glue "Moment-Kristall", colorless varnish;
  • elements of decor: bows, flowers, ribbons or pendants;
  • sewing machine.

Welcome to the workshop!

To begin with, lay out the details of the pattern on the whitefabric and we cut out the details of Kitty's body, after which we cut out all the elements for the dress from the colored material. One of the details of the dress should be made with a fold, so that the clasp comes out from behind. Continues the master-class work on the calf. First you need to sew darts on fragments ready and torso. Then we grind the ears, turn them and look to the head. Next, you sew a head, leaving a hole for packing. In the same way, we make out the pens, tail and telcell. Sewing the legs, you need to leave a hole for turning right above the heel. This will allow you to conveniently and quickly insert the inside of the workpiece for the feet. We finish the work by sewing the feet and turn everything out. We form the shear hinge with a coil of the appropriate size. Before placing it, it is necessary to wrap it with a piece of white cloth. We finish the stage with packing parts. Before this, we place plastic billets in our legs, slightly gluing with glue. Then a secret seam should be sewn holes on the hands and feet.

Fashion and beauty

Now make out Kitty's face. Successfully place "facial features" help pattern. Glue ready (or made with his own hands of plastic) spout and eyes, carved from black felt. Eyes should be sewn along the contour with a seam over the edge and varnished. Then we embroider a black thread with a mustache and decorate the eye with a ready-made bow. At the next stage, we need to connect the head to the trunk, then attach the arms and legs to the calf with the help of a rope hinge. And, of course, do not forget about hvostik.Dalee master class continues to work on shoes. To do this, you will need a pattern again. From the farm you need to make the details of the shoes. Then we take a fragment from the office folder and cut out the insoles for shoes on the pattern of the sole, and also two details on the pattern of the soles. These details should be cut out in a circle one millimeter smaller than the pattern. The plastic insole should be attached to the sole and sew the top of the shoes and the sole with a suture seam. Also, it is necessary to decorate the top of the shoes and decorate the toe of the toes with rosettes from the ribbon. The dresses are stitched, twisted and necessarily ironed to give shape. Then we insert the belt from the tape and sew buttons, for which we make air loops. To process the edges of the dress, you can use the technique of sewing "double dress", that is, to the main fabric as a combi partner to choose the material of the corresponding color. In addition, you can make the dressing edges dressing obtachkoy or just tuck them. The edges of the ribbons can be tied in front in a neat bow and fastened with glue or threads. And now - Kitty's charming woman is ready to conquer the world with her beauty!


cats positiveAt it it turned out, as to a cutie the team of cats-merrymakers with might and main paws for which it is required only one выкройка. To sew by hands this positive trinity, it is required for us:

  • pattern (taking into account allowances of 6-7 mm);
  • 50 cm fleece (based on 2 cats);
  • 5 cm of satin ribbon;
  • needle for fleece with a round tip;
  • sewing thread and embroidery, pins, scissors;
  • packing;
  • adhesive for fabric.

We start the master class with cutting: fold the fabric in half, cut out all the details, and also transfer the "facial features" (can be done "by eye.") We sew the muzzle, ears, navel and tail with a stalk seam, and it is desirable to cut the nose from the fabric of contrasting color or make it with our own hands from plastic and lacquer. In the next stage we turn out, stuff and sew the toy with a hand-stitched seam, neatly hiding the tips of the yarns inward. You can make your fingers on the paws, pulling the strands with large loops through the foot. And our kotofeichi are ready! cats positive

Merry co-op

cat made of clothDreamfully admiring kitty Kitty is another textile handsome man. Sewed with his hands of bright red fabric, a smart cat does not require much effort from the needlewomen. To sew it, you will need a pattern, colorfulcloth and stuffing, puppet eyes and a fleece nose, thread and a thin wire for mustaches, paws and a long tail. And to sew these seals with their own hands, you need one pattern for two and a minimum of time. A free evening in their company will turn into a master class in needlework. textile catsReplenish the cat's company and ask charming kittens-sony. kitten-sony A snow-white tilde-cat in the hood of the Christmas gnome hastens to remind all those gathered about a merry holiday, a good mood and gifts. cat tilde But that's another story ...